How To Put Together an Amazing Tailgate Party

How To Put Together an Amazing Tailgate Party

Whether you’re a face-painted, foam-finger-wearing kind of fan or someone who just enjoys watching live sports, you can come together and enjoy a tailgating party. Tailgating is a tradition where fans hang out in the parking lot, cook food, play games, and spend time with one another. So if you’re wondering how to put together an amazing tailgate party, here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Have a Plan

You should always have a plan when throwing a party. For example, are you bringing everything, or will other people in attendance supply things like utensils, plates, or ice? For the most important things, having a backup plan may be a good idea so that you don’t wind up with a cooler with no ice in it.

We also recommend checking if there are any specific rules regarding the venue. For example, some stadiums don’t allow glass bottles, so you may want to keep all your drinks in cans.

Food and Drink

Few things are better than delicious tailgate food. Some people may bring a bag of sour cream and onion chips. However, the shrewd party planners go the extra mile with baked potato skins covered in sour cream, green onion, and bacon. If you want to put together an amazing tailgate party, food and drinks are a big part of that. Try to have a mixture of hot and cold foods and have plenty of drinks. You should also have one designated cooler for water because it’s important to hydrate when you’re out in the heat.

Get Out of the Sun

When you spend a lot of time in the stadium parking lot, the sun bearing down on you can take its toll. You should always have sunscreen on and maybe consider wearing a hat. However, every good tailgate party should have a specific spot where guests can get out of the heat for a bit.

One option is always to sit in your vehicle with the air on, but that often takes you out of the party. Custom shipping containers are great for tailgating parties as they provide comfortable, relaxed, and sometimes even air-conditioned places to sit down. While that may not be an option for everybody, sometimes a collapsible canopy can provide ample shade where party-goers can sit down and bask in the shade for a while.

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