How to Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress

How to Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress

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We are all guilty of form abandonment. It just depends on what the form was as to how much damage we cause the person who is selling something online. I know that often I get sidetracked by something and honestly just leave what I am doing, often forgetting to go back and even finish the task I started. What does this mean for the sales person or the one collecting the information? It means they got nothing in all honesty. Many people who sell things online and even bloggers like myself have forms that we like to have filled out to inquire about information often imperative to learning more about our audience. For myself I often need to know what people are looking for as far as our guides go because I want to make sure I am showing things that you all want to see and not just things that benefit whatever stage my household is in at that time.


WPForms has an addon that is called Form Abandonment and it can absolutely help you. This allows the user to send retargeting emails including creating templates and a sense of urgency to your clients. You can mention limited time offers, a call to action to hurry back to the site and even share an important deadline like for example when I am preparing for my holiday gift guide I like to know what readers are looking for by a certain date.

They also have an exit intent popup which can allow customers to have their carts sent over to their email as a great reminder. I love that for those that have products to sell this really sends a strong reminder that there are items left in a shopping cart, often prompting shoppers to head back to the website.

Many shoppers often have security concerns too. With the plugin addon there are ways to add an SSL certificate and also become GSPR compliant.

What are you waiting for? Head over to the WPForms website and find out more today.

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