How to Repair Your Own Car and Save Money

Owning a private car isn’t cheap; you have to pay for the vehicle, the insurance, the fuel, and the maintenance, so it’s a good idea to save money on the car when possible. The good news is there are plenty of ways to do this; you don’t have to pay a mechanic at the first sign of trouble. This article offers some helpful advice on where to start with your car repairs the save money.   

Change Filters 

When you put your car into the garage for a routine service, the mechanic will change the filters. The oil filter is a little tricker and should probably be left to a professional, but air filters are easier. Air filters keep all of the dust and grime particles out of the engine for a clean fuel mix.


Buying an air filter online and fitting it yourself is a cheaper way to maintain your vehicle long-term. Air filters are also very easy to repair. The filter will be in different places depending on the make and model of the car, but they are usually easy to find at the front of the engine. 

Change Tires 

If you’ve ever had a flat tire, you will know how inconvenient it can be. Flat tires can happen at any time, causing delays, frustration, and money. Other times you might encounter a road incident that requires Criminal Solicitors, who can help you relieve stress and resolve issues.  


The first thing you want to do when changing a tire is to loosen the bolts on the wheels, do this before you jack the car up. Once the bolt is loose, place the jack underneath the vehicle and raise the wheel. Now remove the wheel and put on the spare. Lower the jack and tighten bolts.   

Repair Bodywork 

Bumps and scraps happen now and then. Even if they are minor, they can accumulate over time and start to give your car a rough look. There are two options in this situation, you can take the car to a body shop and pay a professional to repair it, or you can repair it yourself inexpensively. 


Scratches are easier to repair than bumps. Buy special polish for the task – one of the best brands is called T-Cut. This polish is designed to blend the paint with any scratches or imperfections, so you get a nice finish. Some car dents can be repaired with denting tools.  

Change Oil 

One of the most important features of any conventional vehicle is the oil. Oil is used to lubricate a car engine and ensure the moving parts don’t grind together. As you drive, oil picks up imperfections and becomes dirty, leading to lower performance. It also burns away over time. 


Every ten thousand miles, your car should have a service and an oil change to ensure it is road worthy and performing at its best. An oil change is best left to a mechanic unless you know what you’re doing, but you can easily increase the oil level by checking the engine dipstick for levels. 

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