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How To Set Up Your Bedroom To Get A Better Nights Sleep


How To Set Up Your Bedroom To Get A Better Nights Sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, it can really affect your mood, your productivity and your health in general if you don’t manage to. There are many factors that can make your bedroom good or bad for getting the required eight hours of sleep every night, so let’s look at a few ways we can set up the bedroom to make it as good as possible for sleeping in.


Make Sure The Lighting Is Right


One important aspect is to be sure you’re setting up the room to be peaceful, relaxing and easy to be in, the lighting in any room is key for setting the mood and the bedroom is no different. There are loads of different ideas on how to light a bedroom but I always feel that an important idea in a bed room setting is control over the lighting, if you are able to dim the lights when required you can keep it low key when it’s close to bedtime getting you more relaxed in the run up to sleeping time.


Ensure You Have A Bed That’s Right For You


The bed itself is key to getting a good night’s sleep. What you need to do is find out what is the most relaxing, you could go for a normal traditional bed and that’s fine but I found that I really love this zero gravity bed, the concept was developed by NASA to be suitable for astronauts who really need the rest I’m sure we’ll all agree! It’s also important to have a really good mattress that suits you and make sure you replace the mattress every five to ten years, and don’t forget having good firm pillows to support your head and neck and so prevent sore neck and an uncomfortable sleep.


Try To Eliminate Noise & Distraction


Try to eliminate noise and distraction in your bedroom to be able to have the most gentle and serene atmosphere to help your night go by peacefully. It’s a good idea to not have noisy distractions such as a TV in the bedroom and it’s better to read than watch a screen before trying to get off to sleep. As for outside noise it’s a good idea to have as little of this penetrating the room as possible and it’s even possible to get sound blocking curtains these days!


Keep Your Bedroom Tidy & In Order


Finally if your room is not in order, if it has clutter, mess and clothes everywhere then it can be quite the distraction and I know that I, for one, find that if the room is in this state when I’m trying to get to sleep it can play on my mind and stop me from getting to sleep. It’s also good to organise your clothes and other things for the morning before going to sleep as with everything prepared you are not going to wake up in a panic and this allows you to sleep well in the knowledge you are ready for the next day.

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