How To Steer Clear of Germs In Public

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, everyone has been concerned about germs, and rightfully so. Now that flu season is coming, it’s as important as ever to keep bacteria at bay. When you’re out and about, soap and water aren’t always readily available. To keep you as safe as possible, here are four additional ways to steer clear of germs in public.

Use a Door Opener

When it comes to germ-ridden surfaces, door handles are one of the worst offenders. To reduce your contact when going in and out of businesses, pull entrances open with a contact-free keychain door opener. This hook-shaped tool can also be used on ATM keypads, post office boxes, work refrigerators and elevator buttons. This convenient method keeps you from exposing your hands to millions of germs.

Protect Your Phone

When you realize how often you use your phone during the day, it’s no wonder that it’s covered with germs. To avoid this situation, limit phone use when you’re out in public. Unless it’s an emergency, save texts for later. If you must touch your phone, use hand sanitizer first. When you get home, wipe it down thoroughly with disinfectant and a soft cloth.

Don’t Share Things

One of the best ways to limit your contact with germs is to not share your things with others. As unsociable as that sounds, it’s just for now! Avoid lending pens, your phone and don’t share food or utensils. Likewise, avoid asking to borrow items from others. If you have to use shared items such as a gas pump, wear gloves.

Elbow-It When Possible

When using a public restroom, or another place where you need to push a door, use your foot and elbow to push it open. Imagine that your hands are full and you need to get through. While this doesn’t prevent germs from getting on your elbow, it prevents you from spreading them around with your hands. Some restroom doors are now equipped with a pedal near the floor for pulling it with your foot, so be on the lookout.

Continue the Fight

This fall it’s important to remember the pandemic hasn’t ended and it’s more important than ever to continue to fight viruses. Wash your hands at every opportunity and implement helpful measures like using a door opener, minimizing phone use and not sharing personal items. If everyone can do his or her part, it will help in keeping the curve flattened.

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