Children’s parties are always a delight to plan. If you’re planning one, you must be scrounging for ideas to make your little one’s birthday amazing. How do you make the party fun for all the kids? There may be some kids who can’t play strenuous games, you’ll need to maintain a balance and have games that everyone can enjoy!

The one thing that is always a hit at children’s party is candy. You can have more candies for every game’s reward and as goodie bags. Fun activities and candies are every child’s delight. A very good idea would be to buy a bag of candies before the party. The best Mexican candies have been very popular with children because they come in all shapes and flavors. The good news is that you can choose candies for everyone here, kosher candies and candies for lactose intolerant children, you name it and it’s there. So how can you have both candies and activities together?

Burst Balloons

You can have children tie balloons on their ankles. They have to burst other’s balloons while saving theirs from getting burst. You can even team up two children and get one to protect the balloons while they try to burst the balloons from other teams. The team that wins also wins a bag of candies each.

Carrying marbles with a spoon


Have two tables and set them apart, at least about 5 feet. Place a huge bowl of marbles on one table and small cups on the other. The children have to now carry these marbles from the big basket to their cup. The catch is that the children have to do this with a spoon. Whoever fills their cup first after dropping the marbles the least number of times, wins a bag of candies. To make the game more fun you can have the children carry candies across and eat the candies in their cups after the game.

Boat race


Place a trough of water and give each child a paper boat that they have to get from one side to the other. The kid who gets their boat to the other side the fastest gets a bag of candy. You could even place candies in these boats so every one gets a candy.

The children could either blow the boats along with a straw or propel them forward with sticks. It’s a fun activity that every child enjoys and if you don’t want to make it competitive you could have a few boats floating on water and have children aim with water guns at them to see who sinks boats the fastest.

Obstacle course


Place items like pillows and paper on the ground at intervals and pretend like the ground is water. The children have to only place their feet on the obstacles without falling in the water. The child who falls in the water the least wins a bag of candy with a consolation prize for the one who helps others.

You would need an open space for these games so you could choose a park for your child’s big day.


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