Impact of Mobile Gaming on the Online Casino Industry 

Impact of Mobile Gaming on the Online Casino Industry 

Throughout the ages, advancements in technology have meant that change has to happen in what might have been thought of as stable and unchangeable industries. When the car was invented, horses and carts went out of favour. When the printing press came along, copying out books by hand was no longer required. When the internet was rolled out to everyone, almost everything changed including King Casino Bonus promotions; this was one of the biggest technological breakthroughs anyone had ever seen.

Although now it’s commonplace to be able to go online whenever and wherever you want to, this was certainly not the case at the start, and many people felt that the internet was a fad – that it was a game for children to play but that it wouldn’t amount to much. Who would have foreseen the huge impact that being able to work and play online has had in every single area of life? 

One of these areas is the casino industry. When the internet came along it wasn’t long before developer were able to take their casinos online, giving those who wouldn’t normally have access to games like poker, routette, blackjack, craps, or even slots the chance to play. This didn’t destroy the physical casinos, but it certainly meant that changes had to be made. 

It was probably felt that this was as far as casinos could go. Moving out of the physical sphere and going online was a big step, but a hugely successful one, and it must have felt like peak achievement to have done it. Yet there was more to come – mobile gaming. 

So just what impact has mobile gaming had on the online casino industry? 

Improved The Reach

The word ‘impact’ might initially seem like a negative one. It might seem as though the advancements of technology that have meant mobile gaming can take place are bad because they change how online casinos have to function. But it’s not all negative; there are certainly some positive changes too. 

Take the improved reach of online slots and other games, for example. It’s still true that not every household has a laptop of even a desktop computer. This might be due to funds, or it could be due to simply not needing one. Whatever the case, without a laptop, playing online games is impossible. Unless, of course, you play mobile games. Because even if there is no computer in a house, there is likely to be at least one mobile device, be it phone or tablet. So more people than ever have the chance to play these games and enjoy them.

It has been notoriously difficult for millennials to be enticed into the world of online gambling. Perhaps it’s because they have a lot of other things to spend their money on, or because they have read the horror stories about people who have lost all their money through gambling (maybe they’ve experienced it within their own families), and they just want to stay away. However, mobile gaming has meant that younger people are now becoming more interested in playing – they have the means to do so, they have the time to do so, and they have the funds to do so in many cases. And, because they are very aware of the dangers, they can make sure they are happy with every aspect of gameplay before they start. 

Better Design

Spreading out from physical casinos to online to mobile gaming, developers have had a chance to develop their skills not only in gameplay itself but in the design and look of each game. This has led to some amazing slot games, and the graphics are unparalleled anywhere else. 

Not only does this make playing the games more fun and enjoyable, and it sets them apart from each other (think of a physical casino – the slots all tend to look pretty much the same), but means that the developers have something more to get their teeth into, and that makes it fun for everyone. 

There is also more money in this kind of work, so it can be a ‘real’ career rather than just something that someone does when they have a spare moment. This enhances the overall look immensely. 

Enhancing Online Play

The interesting thing about this new kind of developer and the ideas he or she might have about slots – or other online casino games – and how they should look and feel when being played is that eventually (and it might take a while, it’s true) these ideas will migrate from the mobile space to the general online one. 

In effect, mobile gameplay has made online gameplay much better too, simply by its very presence. Therefore, even if you don’t play slots or other casino games on a mobile device, you’ll still be able to benefit from the great look and sound of these new games when they improve the online versions. 

Much More Popular

One of the most interesting aspects of mobile gaming is that it has increased the popularity of the online casino industry hugely. It’s not just a handful of people who are now playing online when they wouldn’t have before, or now playing mobile games when they hadn’t even considered it in the past… the numbers are staggering. Think about this: in 2014, the mobile gaming industry have an increase of 42 percent (equating to around $25 billion). That’s impressive. But wait, there’s more – in 2019, that number increased to $50 billion. Imagine that. That’s a massive amount of money all thanks to the mobile gaming industry. 

The Future

Now that gaming has gone online, there really seems to be no limit to what can happen next. Just because we can’t imagine there will be any more changes certainly doesn’t mean that this is the case – it’s far from that. Remember, there were people who didn’t think the car would catch on, or the printing press, or the internet… so never assume we have come to the end of the road in terms of mobile gaming; there is sure to be plenty more just around the corner, and it will be fascinating to see just what that is.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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