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Important Keys to Online Dating

Important Keys to Online Dating


With so many online dating sites out there it is hard to know which one is right for which personality. While the selection may be plentiful there have been several important keys to online dating that should be mentioned before you jump right in.


Many people choose to avoid apps and stick with traditional dating websites that you have to actually log in to a database. The idea of “swiping” away a potential date is seen as being pretty flaky by some and honestly a lot of times this is based on looks alone. First impressions are not always the best thing to rely on.

When using sites like WeLoveDates it is important to aim high. Many people think that they are choosing others out of their own league, but aiming high not only boosts your confidence but there could be a huge connection that you would have otherwise not paid any attention to.

Make your messages brief. Long winded messages full of extravagant details about your life are definitely not the key to successful online dating. Keep the messages short and sweet. Consider checking your feelings at the door and leave the heartfelt messages for another time, possibly later in your blooming relationship.

Send lots of messages– Being picky and sticking with one person or two will only limit the ability of your reach. Find several people who you are interested in and write them. Persistence is key.

Be patient. Your dreamboat may not reply right away. Remember you won’t be the only person messaging your potential beau and it often takes people days or weeks to sort through their messages and figure out who they want to reply to or even what to say. Many times people are selective and wait to see if you are going to send a second message in regards to a potential date.

There are also many dating sites that are specific to different races including black dating sites that help people narrow down their selections and to make choosing a suitor easier than ever.


Whether you are looking for a casual date or a long lasting relationship, there are so many options right at the tips of your fingertips. While I have not dated in a pretty long time it is great to know for my single friends that there is hope left in the online dating world and that they have such a huge ability to find the love of their lives that could start on the internet. We have several friends and family members who have met their now spouses online and their love has bloomed into something that has a lot of neat character because of their love story.

Be sure to check out our other relationship articles for more information about dating, marriage and family life and feel free in the comments to share your own love story, especially if it mentions meeting your significant other online. We love to hear all about them!

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