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Influencer Marketing Industries: Which Businesses Benefit Most?

Influencer Marketing Industries: Which Businesses Benefit Most?


Social media has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives and is starting to seep into our subconscious minds— What do you impulsively check on when you have a free moment? How do you decide on a restaurant? Why did you choose to buy your current beauty products? Where did you find your new favorite band, and how will you know when they’ll be playing in your city? 


Whether it’s through an ad, social media account, or search on Google, many of the things we give our attention and hard-earned cash to are found online— and for good reason. Constantly evolving algorithms and increasingly interactive features make browsing the web more pleasing and productive than ever before.


As online advertising saturates most every market, users are turning more of their attention towards influencers and paying less attention to traditional marketing. The interactivity of social platforms allows a sense of community to develop in the virtual world— People trust those who resonate with their values and have proven an authentic passion in their areas of interest.


In turn, this has created a collective aversion to pushy content and an influx of trust in influencer content and opinions. In terms of business, this means that collaboration with well-established, trusted influencers in their target industry is apt to be a lot more profitable than coming at their audience with a salesy outside approach. 


No matter the industry, influencer marketing campaigns are advantageous for companies in multiple ways. They help boost a business’s bottom line by:

  • Acting as social proof and adding the power of a trusted face to their campaign

  • Increasing their visibility dramatically and helping them to maintain a modern image

  • Providing subtle social pressure for people who strive to stay caught up on trends to use their products or services


However, not all companies will experience the same push from influencer advertising. Here, we will explore the industries and businesses that typically see the most benefits from affiliating their brand with an online influencer:

  • Travel — Tour Companies & Hotels


Aesthetics are everything when it comes to advertising for travel-related services— and influencers know exactly what their audiences like to see. Their interactive, mindfully-crafted content is especially auspicious for tour companies and hotels.


When someone witnesses a person they feel an underlying connection with doing something they have always wanted to do, like traveling the world, it only strengthens their desire to do so and makes it appear more feasible.


The visual content and trusted opinions of influencers make the gorgeous sights, luxurious amenities, and exhilarating activities offered by a hotel or tour company all the more appealing by putting them in a more authentic and aesthetically appealing context.

  • Tech — App & Software Suppliers


What better way to advertise for apps and advanced software than through the same type of technology? Influencers already have an established following in their target audience— technology consumers, allowing these companies to widen their visibility.


While advertising directly to techies is advantageous, it must be done in such a way that these experienced users can see an advantage in opting for new software. Luckily, influencers generally know the industry and their audience’s preferences like the back of their hands. 


A skilled content creator can utilize this knowledge, along with the specific software itself, to create the ‘social proof’. An especially effective example of this would be advertising for API software through tagging products in videos and showing just how profitable it can be.

  • Media — Musicians & Other Entertainers


Influencers are celebs themselves, so marketing for other entertainers is a piece of cake. Users following a particular influencer generally do so because they appreciate the type of information and entertainment they provide. Who wouldn’t love to check out a new source?


In addition, influencers know how to put performers and informers in their most flattering light, both literally and figuratively. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have achieved the level of fame in the entertainment industry that gave them the title of ‘influencer’ in the first place.


Another incentive for musicians and other performers to use an influencer as a marketing affiliate is that they may gain connections to a wider group of artists. This is auspicious in terms of finding further inspiration and creating collaborative material like music videos. 

  • Beauty — Cosmetic & Clothing Companies 


Influencers are all about visual marketing, so companies that offer products to visually enhance a person’s beauty and style are sure to benefit from becoming their affiliate. Beauty feeds beauty— This is why we see no shortage of beauty-based influencers online.


Since there’s already an abundance of accounts that are specifically geared towards trying out and rating new cosmetics and clothing, gaining an advantage means offering a good deal to not just any influencer… but a prominent influencer in the industry.


A great way to go about this is sending them a product for free in exchange for them sporting it in their content. If you are confident in your product, you can take the power of this advertising agreement even further by asking them to rate and show their results through before-and-after shots.

  • Food & Beverage — Bars & Restaurants


False representation of food and beverage quality is rampant in its advertising. With so many restaurant and bar options to choose from, people want to make sure they pick a place that will not only satisfy but impress the palates of everyone invited to join in on the meal.


Since it’s typically not possible to sample a menu beforehand, foodies have to base their dining plans on the opinions of others. When seeking to tantalize their taste buds, influencer accounts with a track record of successful dining suggestions tend to be one of the first places they look.


This has shifted the focus in F&B marketing towards online reviews instead of salesy commercials. Since influencers are some of the most trusted figures in the online world, the best way to get more customers to your new Argentine steak restaurant or other eatery is to feed an influencer and get them raving.

  • Health — Nutritionists & Fitness Trainers


Starting on a fitness journey takes encouragement— Who better to inspire someone to get in shape than the person that has already influenced them in a variety of ways? For this reason, experts in the industry advise their clients to partner up with a famous online presence. 


The proof is in the avocado pudding— If a following already envies the fit body and youthful vitality of their favorite content creator, they are likely to be proactive at trying out tactics and coaches they endorse. This significantly ups the potential for partners to profit.


Simply by making a connection with an influencer and getting them to credit some aspect of their figure or other attractive features to their coaching, nutritionists and fitness trainers can acquire countless clients they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to reach.


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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