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Insecure About Your Teeth? Top Tips For Improving Your Smile

Good teeth never go out of style, and so it’s no wonder that so many of us choose to invest in our gnashers. When you’re self conscious about your teeth it can really affect your confidence; let’s face it, everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. Here are a few things that may be causing you to feel insecure about your teeth, and what you can do about them.


Crooked Teeth

An imperfect smile with a crooked tooth or two can add character and charm to a face, but if your crooked teeth drive you bonkers and you’ve always wanted straight teeth then there are a few routes you can take.


  • What causes crooked teeth?


Crooked teeth can be caused by overcrowding, incorrect dental and facial development or even as a result of a missing tooth. When you lose a tooth, your other teeth can shift and cause crookedness and bite problems.


  • What’s the fix?


There are a couple of different things you could do depending on the extent of the crookedness. Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants which will instantly improve the look of your teeth, as well as prevent more damage from occurring. Veneers will work for slight overlapping, and retainers can be used in some cases. If your teeth are very crooked or overcrowded, braces will probably your best option.


Yellow/ Discoloured Teeth

White teeth signify youth and beauty, unfortunately as we age our smile can lose it’s sparkle. Whitening is generally not invasive or painful so is an easy way to improve the look of your teeth.


  • What causes dull or yellowing teeth?


Your tea, coffee, red wine and various other things in your diet could be to blame here. It could also be a result of smoking, genetics or even just aging. As we age the outer layer of enamel of our teeth wears away revealing the dentin underneath, which is naturally a yellow colour.


  • What’s the fix?


Using a simple whitening toothpaste can make a difference if your discolouration is caused by surface stains. However most people will benefit from a more intense method, you could opt for laser whitening or visit the dentist in Naples for teeth whitening trays. There are also a number of over the counter whitening strips, gels and various other products available to purchase. If you’re not buying these from a qualified dentist, be sure to check that the ingredients are safe.


A Bad ‘Tooth To Gum’ Ratio

The perfect ratio is said to be two millimeters, which means if any more than two millimeters of your gum shows when you smile you’re considered to have a ‘gummy smile.’


  • What causes a gummy smile?


The muscle in your top lip could be ‘hyperactive’ meaning it pulls up your lip higher than normal when you smile. It could be caused by the way your mouth and teeth developed, or it could just be a matter of genetics- some people naturally have shorter teeth.


  • What’s the fix?


There are two main ways you can go about improving the look of a gummy smile. The first would to be have botox injections in the lips. This prevents the lip pulling too high when you smile, and is a relatively easy fix that’s not too expensive. The other alternative would be to have a gum contouring procedure done. Here the dentist can even out the gum line and lift it higher, exposing more of the tooth underneath. If you are looking for a great dentist check out

Dentists can be scary, but having a smile you’re satisfied with will do wonders to improve your confidence. Don’t let your teeth hold you back from being the happy, smiley person that you want to be!


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