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Inspired Gifts For Teens Who Love Sports

Is there a young person in your life who just loves sport? If so, take a look at some of these great gift ideas.


The Amazon Echo Or Dot


The Amazon Echo and it’s smaller, cheaper cousin, the Dot, have been making waves recently in tech circles. As far as anybody can tell, it’s the first time that any company has managed to make a product that you talk to in your home that people actually want. The Echo will play you your favorite music, organise your calendar and give you important information, just from your voice instructions.



But now the onboard AI, called Alexa, is getting even more sophisticated. She’s able to stream the latest sports games right from the device by tuning into local radios, and she’s also equipped with a vast sports database, meaning that you can ask her pretty much any question you want on sports trivia, and she’ll give you an answer. The Amazon Echo really is the ghetto-blaster of the 21st century, complete with an incredible repertoire of skills any teen who enjoys their sport will love.


Bluetooth Helmet Speaker


There’s something iconic about the image of an American football helmet. As a result, a company has now built a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of one, capable of playing your teen’s favorite playlists and belting out those banging tunes.


The helmet is made by a company called Nima USA and currently, comes in three sizes. The smallest size costs $150, and the largest will set you back by more than $400.


Golf Equipment


Golf is a great sport that teens are becoming increasingly interested in. It’s a sport that requires delicate handling of a club, as well as a knack for knowing where the ball is going to land. A single shot can mean the difference between winning a round and going home empty handed.

Don’t worry, all it takes is a tiny bit of research into what golf clubs would be best for your teen and you’re good to go! Try having a look at where they are skill-wise and modifying your search accordingly. For example, if you look at a 54 degree wedge distance and compare it to what your teen’s needs are, then this will give you a great indication of what to get! They are bound to love this gift as well as the amount of thought and research that went into getting it.

You don’t have to splash out on an entire set of clubs if you don’t want to. Individual clubs, like putters and drivers, make great gifts in and of themselves. Check out the best putters and drivers for the money before you make a decision to buy.


Glove And Baseballs Leather Backpacks


If your kid is into baseball, they need something to carry their kit around. Sure, they could make do with a regular sports bag, but where’s the love in that?


Now a company called Baseballism is now selling high-end leather satchels and backpacks for baseball kits. Their bags are designed to be a cross between style and functionality, jumping on the recent trend of trying to make sports gear more fashionable. The leather backpack for teens features  the company’s logo embossed neatly onto the surface.


Hockey Puck Drink Chillers


Cooling down your drink with ice is fun, but it’s not exactly sporty. Now, though, a company called Old Fashioned has decided that the time has come for sports fans to be able to cool their drinks down with some sort of sports-based item. They gone for the hockey puck stone that you just dump in the freezer before slipping into your drink.

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