Interior Decorating from Thrift Stores

Interior Decorating from Thrift Stores

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 If any of you guys *really* know me then you know I am cheap when it comes to how we decorate our home and even the deals that I search for when clothing myself, our children and even my husband. As far as our home goes, I know we have young children and things get broken or stained and I just can’t see putting a lot of money into things. Plus, I love vintage stuff that is often acquired from thrift and consignment stores.


 I find myself browsing stores for hours just looking and enjoying the sights and often smells of a great thrift store. A lot of our interior decorating consists of a vintage cabinet that is filled to the hilt with vintage Pyrex and Fiesta dishes. They are my passion and I love that they have become such big speaking pieces in our home.


 Recently I was forced to start speaking about getting some real furniture. This was something that gave me literal bad thoughts. The expense, the shopping in real stores with real salespeople trying to make their commissions and just the idea of having to purchase big ticket items left me filled with anxiety. Online references like JMD Furniture did help in our shopping ventures.


 I had to leave my beloved thrift stores behind and we went into a furniture store for the first time in many years. I looked having somewhat of an idea what we were getting and knowing that our living room had been crowded by a huge sectional for years and it was time to say goodbye. We settled on a great little 3 cushion couch to make the best of our little space. My husband had been wanting to get a recliner so we agreed on a great American made piece that we knew would last.


 I completely came out of my comfort zone with this project knowing that our home had previously been furnished and decorated with thrift store finds and while we did keep a lot of them in our new living space, many were given to family and friends and some were put away for a future garage sale.

 Admittedly I did go to an auction several weeks after the living room overhaul and came away with some great apothecary jars that I used on our new wall mounted cabinet and since have added other new pieces as well, but I keep them within a certain limit as to not over crowd our space.


 Do you or someone you know like to decorate with second hand or vintage pieces? I would love to hear from you all! This has been a huge passion of mine especially since moving in with my now husband. We love making this space ours and love that we can to shopping together to pick things out or I can just get away for a little bit to blow off some steam in a little shop while getting lost in the ideas of days gone by.

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