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Are You Inviting Burglars Into Your Home This Christmas?

Christmas is a time of giving, and cozying up at indoors with loved ones, and guests for most people. But it can also be a profitable time for people that don’t care who they hurt. With all the gifts, expensive celebration drinks and food, you home can be a tempting treat for a burglar. Especially if you are away fro the holidays visiting friends and family. But what can you do to minimize the risk of that happening? Well, read on to find out.




Many people chose to install a CCTV system to deter break-ins. This is a camera that monitors certain part of your home, so if anything happens, that shouldn’t be you will have a record of it.


How useful CCTV movies are depended on a few things, though. Firstly you need to have them located in the right place to catch people, so it’s a good idea to posting them to monitor door and windows. Secondly, a big part of the usefulness of a CCTV camera is that they act as a deterrent for burglars. That means you want them to be as visible as possible, so people think twice before attempting to break into your house.




Security alarms are a great idea for protecting your home and family. They are designed to register any unexpected movement in certain zones of your home. You have them rigged up to your doors and windows, and also to monitor movement within rooms.


You can also get them to send a message straight the alarm monitoring company. Which means even if you are out of town, someone will be over quickly to check on your property.

Automatic Lights


Another clever way of keeping you home as safe as possible it to make it look like there are people in, even when you are out and about. You can do this by having things like lights and radio on timer switches.


Or, you can even use a home control remote app that allows you to close and open curtains at the touch of a button. Remember if burglars think that people are home they are much more unlikely to attempt a break in.


Neighborhood Connections  


Something else that is important, but many people forget is to forge good neighborhood connections. Having helpful neighbors means you can feel a lot more comfortable leaving your property. As you know that they will keep an eye on things and call the police is they think anything is wrong. You can set an up a system where you will do the same for them too.


Too Much On Show


Another aspect to maintaining home safety during Christmas is being mindful of what you place on the show and within reach. Some Christmas decorations can be very expensive to buy and easy to remove in the dead of night. So if you are concerned about the security of such things make sure you don’t leave them unattended in your front garden.


It’s also a good idea to not hide gifts outside the home, in places like outbuildings and garages. As it’s much easier for people to break into these and make off with your families Christmas presents.

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