It’s Time To Talk About These Women’s Health Issues

There are some health issues that, as a woman, are a little more challenging to discuss. This can be because they are embarrassing or just because you would rather keep these things private. However, when it comes to our health, what we must remember is that talking about these issues and getting help for them is vital. Read on to find out more.

Urinary Incontinence

Now, we don’t often like to talk about urinary incontinence. However it is an issue that affects millions of women. This is because it is usually caused by problems with the pelvic floor, something that can be linked to pregnancy and childbirth.

Of course, not only is urinary incontinence embarrassing but it can be very inconvenient as well. With it impacting quite significantly on the lives of many women.

Fortunately, there are treatments for this issue. The first of which should be to see your medical professional to check there is no underlying problem that is causing it. Then you can move in to using the pad as a short term measure and trying things like Kegel exercises. Something that can help to repair the pelvic floor and improve muscle tone and condition.


Everyone feels a little off just before or during the first few days of their period. However, for some women their lives became significantly more challenging from the time they ovulate until after their period is over. This can be due to the condition PMDD. Something that is only now recognised in medical circles as a serious problem.

The good news is because more and more endocrinologists and Drs and are recognizing this condition, there is more help available. Something that may include taking bioidentical hormones, CBT therapy, and even using SSRIs during the luteal phase of a woman’s cycle.

BV and thrush

Other less talked about issues that many women face include bacterial vaginosis(bv) and thrush. In fact, a lot of the time these two conditions can be confused with each other. Something that isn’t great as they require different treatments.

For example products like this bv gel are often used to treat bacterial vaginosis. While thrush requires creams or pessaries of a different sort. Happily, you can find out the differences in the symptoms between these two conditions very quickly online now. Something that makes it much easier to get the right treatment and alleviate the problem as fast as possible.


Mastitis is a painful condition affecting the breast. It is most commonly caused by an infection, and symptoms include redness swelling and soreness. In fact, its most common assurance is in women that are breastfeeding. Although it can occur outside of this as well.

Treatment of mastitis is relatively simple in most cases. It usually consists of antibiotics to fight the infection along with pain relief such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Cold or warm compresses can also help alleviate the pain in the moment too. It is also vital that you rest and allow your body to overate and effectively fight the infection, if you wish to recover as quickly as possible.

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