Kalu Yala Homes

Kalu Yala Homes

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 Many people have no idea what Kalu Yala is so I think we should start there. Can you imagine living in the jungle? It sounds pretty interesting to me; a person who is already in love with the outdoors and everything about it. Kalu Yala is a very unique way to study abroad. Many people think that studying abroad means somewhere fancy, but this is a totally different ballgame. This is about going into the wild and building a sustainable way of life like no other you could imagine.

 They have 13 academic programs, so not only are you continuing your education but there are programs to help with meditation and learning how to really live with real people in the same environment while struggling. I look at this as being like Survivor but on a more real scale without the camera crew and all of the other perks of being on television.

 There are things you should know though before applying such as you will be exhausted. This type of life is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it will make your heart and mind grow in ways you never imagined. Other Kalu Yala problems are as follows:

  • You won’t always be clean. You are out in rugged terrain and as far as I am concerned this will strip any idea of cleanliness away. I know that even after a day out in my garden I come inside and am completely dirty, but my soul is SO happy!
  • You will not be “connected” constantly. Unplugged will develop a new meaning when it comes to being out and about like this. There will be limited ways to charge devices and you will not be able to make a lot of phone calls. This sounds amazing to me!
  • Learning Spanish will have to be pretty high on the priority list when living in Panama. Kalu Yala provides Spanish lessons though, so don’t worry!
  • Know that when you come not everyone stays. Some people simply do not like the environment or it wasn’t what they thought it would be, so they end up leaving. That is okay, at the end of the day people have to be happy with themselves and how they live. Focus on you and you will be happy and thrive!


Think this is for you? Definitely check out the link in this article and learn more. If you choose to apply I would love to hear from you and know more about this amazing adventure!! While it is unplugged I would LOVE to meet someone who is participating in this.

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