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How To Keep Your Landlord Happy

You don’t need to get on with your landlord you don’t even need to like him/her, but you do need to keep them happy to ensure a good, comfortable working relationship. Here are some things to bear in mind when dealing with the landlord.

Make Sure You Pay On Time

Obviously! But I mean remember it, if it’s not a direct debit be sure to transfer it over to your landlord on time. Primarily because if you’re are always on time it builds up lasting respect and if ever you’re in financial trouble they’re more likely to help someone who pays on time than someone who can’t pay on time even when they’ve got the money. Besides, not paying right could incur yet more costs.

Keep The Property Clean and In A Good State Of Repair

If you keep your property clean it means your landlord will visit you less. If they come by one day to an absolute mess they’re likely to consider visiting more often, keeping you on your toes. If you use the right products you don’t really have to put too much effort it, just be sure to keep it to a high standard. Also, if you’ve paid a bond you’re going to want to get it back, don’t give your landlord an excuse to keep it. You can even give the property a professional clean if you’re coming to the end of your lease by using Whizz End Of Lease Cleaners App, you can book a clean through your phone to give it that extra level of care before you leave. It also ensures you part on good terms, meaning if you were to rent off of the same individual there wouldn’t be any problems.


Don’t Do Anything To The Property Without Asking Them First

This means simple things like drilling holes in the walls to put up some new shelving. Always ask first, any structural changes to the house needs to be okayed by the landlord because if you go ahead without asking they could sue you for the cost of reversal. You don’t want to be hiring a lawyer. Also, if their are any issues when you get into your rented home be sure to tell them about it straight away, this way there’s no chance of you getting the blame.

Stick To The Agreement

If they say no smoking, don’t smoke. They’ll find out, it absolutely stinks and leaves yellow stains on the ceiling. The same goes for pets, you need to build up a trust with your landlord so if you want a pet ask first, maybe you can come to some sort of agreement, but don’t just go out and buy one. It will void your contract and they’ll be within their rights to evict you.

Try To Keep The Neighbours Happy

Be on good terms with your neighbours and they’ll be more likely to take up any complaints with your directly – such as a noisy pet or loud music, instead of reporting it to your landlord. It can mean you avoid any unnecessary confrontations. Also, many landlords once lived in their rental property so they will know their neighbours pretty well, get them onside.

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