Keep Your Pets Organized with Longstem

Keep Your Pets Organized with Longstem

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A house that is constantly busy requires organization to run like a fine tuned machine. This even means organizing things that our pets use. Longstem Organizers had people like us in mind when they created a Pet Accessory Organizer

Our dogs and cats have supplies galore and I am constantly looking for something when I need it. Having a German Shepherd there are numerous brushes for her thick and full coat, especially at shedding time. We have leashes, conditioning sprays, shampoo, and many other things to keep up with. Don’t even get me started on the treats. Working with numerous pet companies we find that the treat stash grows monthly and obviously I want to keep them all together, too.

This is the perfect system for providing a place to store dog food such as items from Visionary Pet who provides low carb, grain free, ketogenic  dog food. We love keeping our pets healthy but also staying organized.



The Longstem Pet Organizer Storage Rack (patent-pending) displays your pet supplies all in one place with a personal crown photo frame. It provides easy storage for leashes, collars, treats, toys, grooming tools such as tooth care, brush, comb, nail clipper, shampoo, waste bags, grooming wipes, vitamins, medicines and your pet’s clothing and jeweled collars. Being able to have a place to meet and greet your pet with a treat or grab a leash and go is a wonderful solution to your pet clutter.

There are two (2) top hooks for leashes and keys. Five (5) bottom hooks for toys and clothing and two (2) large racks for all your pet supplies.

This unique over the door/wall organizer rack is nice enough to hang on an entrance wall, over any door or inside a closet and secures with one screw under rack (optional). This two (2) piece organizer includes two (2) over the door brackets and two (2) wall mounts, a removable plastic tray with 4 compartments for extra storage, hardware included. Made of heavy duty powder-coated steel.


I love that this storage rack has so many hooks at the bottom. At the most I have seen in the past 2 hooks and it is never enough for us.


Retailing for $89.99 BUT right now you can score this for $79.99 which is a steal for such a strong made organizer that will last a lifetime. Available in 3 colors grey, black or bone you can get one to match any home decor.


Be sure to check out Longstem Organizers for all of your organizational needs including jewelry and a men’s valet.

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