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All About Keeping Cool at Home, Without the Use of Air Conditioning

In this warm summer weather, we can do with being able to cool off a little more. None of us want to come in from outside, to feel even warmer in our home! And let’s face it, not everyone has air conditioning. If you have ever been on vacation abroad in Europe, you will know what I am talking about! Being too warm in your home can badly affect your mood. It can affect how well we sleep too. So it is important to be able to cool off in summer. But how can you cool off without air conditioning? Here are a few simple ideas to help you.


Keep Blinds Closed


A lot of heat can come through our windows. You know why greenhouses are made of glass, right? Because it lets a lot of heat in. So one way to reduce the amount of heat that comes through the windows is by keeping your blinds or curtains closed. It stops that mini greenhouse effect. Keeping the blinds closed can help to reduce the temperature in your home by around twenty degrees! With south facing properties, it can be a particularly bad problem. So it might be worth getting some stylish home shading for the outside of your home. Then you are covered on both sides of the window.


Keep Doors Open


If the family are all in one room, it can become a furnace in there if the door is closed. Keeping the doors in the home open can make sure that the air circulates. This is important at night time, as your breathing could heat up the room. So let the air travel around the home. The same goes for the windows; keep the blinds closed but the windows open. The fresh air from outside can circulate around the home too.


Change Your Bedding


Not all of us have seasonal bedding. But there is such a thing! There are sheets and comforters that can cool you down more in summer. So if you still have your comforter on the bed from winter, the chances are that that is one thing keeping you too warm at night. Get a comforter with a lower tog value. Cotton is the best material for summer, rather than a synthetic fabric or flannel. It might even be worth cooling your bed down before you get in it. You have heard of hot water bottles, right? How about filling one with cold or iced water instead? Then lay it on a towel on your sheets or pillow. It will be that little bit cooler when you get into bed.


Consider Your Clothing and Body Temperature
You might be wandering around the home complaining in the heat, but you have jeans and a sweater on! Be sensible about the clothing you choosing to wear when you are at home. Your body temperature will heat you up, as much as the house. So bear that in mind! Sip cold drinks and avoid cooking anything hot in the kitchen.

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