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Key Elements for a Good Office Space

Key Elements for a Good Office Space


A commercial building sees more footfall than residences. We make it a point to keep our homes clean and invest a lot of time into it and by comparison commercial buildings need ten times more care and cleaning. Just like our homes represent us, commercial buildings represent businesses which makes taking care of presentation very important. First impression is the last impression.



The very first step to taking care of your office is maintaining it. Maintenance is an ongoing process and slacking off for even one day means all the more work the next time you clean.

Daily maintenance

This is indispensable if you want to  make a good impression about your business. Clients and potential clients who come into your office observe just how much effort you put into the office. Just by your office, you can make or break a deal. If you have glass panes, make sure that they are cleaned and wiped everyday. Clean all surfaces which come into contact with hands regularly like switchboards and keyboards. Kitchen and washroom spaces must be cleaned twice a day at least to maintain proper levels of hygiene. Carpets and tapestries must be vacuumed daily to get rid of dust mites and allergens. All furniture surfaces like tables, slabs, bookshelves, floors and computers must be dusted to prevent allergies.

Weekly maintenance

Any fixtures that have broken need to be fixed once a week. It is understandable that it could be expensive to call in maintenance services untimely. Broken fixtures ruin the aesthetic look of your office so it is still important to get them fixed. Clean all the glass panels in the office space even those that are not in direct contact with people. Replace any electrical or plumbing fitting that is broken or leaking.

Monthly maintenance

After taking care of the interiors everyday, we mustn’t forget the exteriors. It is economical to get glass windows and panes cleaned. Even if you’re getting the interiors cleaned in-house, you would need to employ professional services to maintain the exterior of the building. Power washing your window panes is economical and fast as suggested on The AC vents are often overlooked when cleaning. However they transmit harmful bacteria and mites. It is extremely important to clean them out at least once a month.

Yearly maintenance

Any repairs to the structure of the building must be made weekly. Cracks, leakages, weather damages, electrical fittings, plumbing and sewerage must be repaired every year. If the building requires painting then get it done. A commercial building goes through more wear and tear than residential homes because of the continuous activity. In lieu of this, it is important to repair the building yearly to prevent massive maintenance costs later.


The key rule to running a good business is maintaining sanitation. After structural maintenance, hygiene and sanitation is the key element to a good work space. Having a good sanitation index not only brings in more business but also keeps your employees happy. It is easier to work in a clutter free environment.


The emphasis on interior furnishing has increased as research on colors has proved how it affects productivity. Pleasant colours which give a positive vibe to the room boost employee’s mood as well giving them a positive bent of mind. Bonsai plants and aesthetic showpieces which are easy on the eyes show that you’ve put in some serious thought into the office and are just as serious about your work.

Fixed Cleaning Staff

For your daily cleaning needs you could even invest in a fixed cleaning staff which comes in a fixed routine. It’s easier to build a rapport with the employees when there is a fixed staff. There is also a level of comfort as there would be known faces. It is also time efficient because a fixed cleaning staff is already trained and knows the office completely. It is also economical as you can have them on your payroll without having to worry about daily payments.

Employee Contribution

Cleanliness is a group effort. Rope in your employees to maintain cleanliness and keep their surroundings clean. Habits are contagious so as a group effort it’ll be easier. Maintaining cleanliness also affects the employees; discussing the good effects of cleanliness could boost their productivity. When employees feel that they are contributing to the organisation too, they’ll be better motivated to keep their work stations clean. Having an uncluttered drawer and desk greatly affects performance.


Socialising is a key component in making your employees feel welcome and well adjusted. Feeling accepted and appreciated is a human need and fulfilling this in the workplace can boost your team’s creativity and output. Conducting social activities like outings and activities in the office can make everyone feel included and increase familiarity. This makes the individual happy. A positive happy employee will give you good output.


Having discussed how maintenance and aesthetics affect the working environment of the office, if we were to talk about cleanliness, it should be one of the top concerns in any workplace for the following reasons.


Every good organisation fulfils all human needs at one place to increase output. Since employees spend 8 hours in one office space it is efficient to have all the basic needs arranged in the workplace. Hygiene isn’t only physical but also in the mind. Having a clean workplace and eating space keeps the mind clutter free and clean too. Socialising within the office keeps bad blood between employees at bay. If you’re running an office you have the responsibility to not only keep the office clean but the employees happy too. Washrooms, kitchen and eating spaces must be cleaned throughout the day to keep good hygiene. Staying in a dirty environment gives rise to countless diseases and since it is a collective responsibility it is dispersed. Ultimately it is for the management to make sure that all work places are hygienic.  


Every good office takes care of the minutest things to increase productivity. They keep looking for ways to keep their employees happy to reduce turnover and thus increase output. One of the ways to do this is to ensure cleanliness in the workplace. Ensuring that all the basic needs of an individual are met, you are ensuring that the individual isn’t in need of anything. They are then equipped to keep increasing their productivity with their own time and effort.


A clean office will get you goodwill from both your employees and clients. Goodwill is one of the parameters for running a successful business. Maintaining cleanliness gives you an edge and brings you goodwill at first sight. When you gain goodwill you gain a lot of potential clients and respect with clients and employees both. Just like keeping an amicable demeanor keeps you in others’ good books goodwill does so with your clients and employees.

Employee satisfaction

An employee spends an average of 8 hours in the workplace. It has to be comfortable enough to let them work with a calm mind. A stressful and cluttered environment only gives rise to frustration. A frustrated employee will not deliver at even his average productivity. Even though cleanliness is only a part of keeping the organisation clean, we can not underestimate the effects it has on employees. A clean and aesthetic environment helps the employee to relax and put his best foot forward. Good interiors and  comfortable furniture will aid the employee in reaching a greater output.

Boosts organisation

Any office with happy employees who have a good rapport amongst themselves will have a good output. A place where there is good output will prosper and in turn get more business. How do you contribute to making your employees happy? By giving them an environment they can grow as individuals. The basic need that any individual has is of good surroundings which as an employer you would be more than equipped to provide. Taking care of your employees needs and building a frank rapport will help you to build a level of comfort and mental hygiene that will be really appreciated by your team. An uncluttered and aesthetic environment in a way ensures that your business keeps growing.


Cleanliness makes your office a more comfortable place to work in. Imagine having to watch where to keep your feet or your hands. A tension free and clean environment is a blessing. Since an individual spends 1/3rd of their time in the office space, it is a basic need for them to be comfortable.


Running a business is not easy with countless things to look into. Even though you know hygiene is important, you may overlook cleanliness in the everyday hustle to be your best. It is advisable to spend some extra bucks to take care of this particular office need to boost your comfort. You’ll thank yourself later when the scrupulous maintenance pays off and spares you fortunes in repair work. Giving your employees a comfortable environment to work  will make them feel appreciated and in turn be good for your business.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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