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Be Kind To The Environment With These Home Upgrades


Our homes are our castles, but there’s so much more we can do than just make them look beautiful. With a few renovations and upgrades we can ensure they’re working to their best potential, and being kind to the environment. Since many buyers are looking at ways to help the planet and reduce their carbon footprint, these also have the bonus of adding value to your home too. Here’s how you can go about renovating your home with the environment in mind.

Consider a Private Water Well

Lots of people in the United States receive their water from private groundwater wells. As well as save money on your bills, you’re also protected against hosepipe bans, and your water is healthier and free of harmful chemicals. But most importantly, having your own water supply is good for the environment. Factories that clean water all burn fossil fuels, and so reducing the demand on them is kinder on the planet. You are responsible for making sure your water is safe from contaminants, however, this usually just means having it checked by your local health and environmental department once a year.

Install Solar Panels

Using a renewable energy source such as solar power means your energy isn’t coming from a power plant which burns fossil fuels. They’re a great way for any homeowner to make a difference to the environment. Solar panels can pay for themselves in as little as four years, and means your energy bill is significantly reduced too. If you find a company which offers a free energy analysis, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you’re able to save.

Have Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation Fitted

When you’re using power to heat your home, it’s important to keep as much of it in as possible. Otherwise, it’s simply escaping, and energy is being wasted. Cavity wall insulation fills the space between the two layers of bricks in your home which helps to trap heat and prevent it from escaping by convection. Since massive amounts of heat can be lost through the roof of a house, proper loft insulation will help to prevent this. There is a wide range of grants and programs available from the government to either fund or help with the cost of this. So have a look at what’s in your area. Even if you have to pay for it entirely yourself, it’s well worth the investment.

Renovate Instead of Replace

When you buy new, you help to create a demand for new factories to produce goods. These factories again burn fossil fuels which dramatically affect the environment. Every small choice you make does make a difference, and it could be something as small as upcycling instead of replacing items in your home. Instead of ripping out the kitchen and fitting a new one, if the units are still in good condition you could consider painting them instead. Solid wood is easy as it can be sanded and painted without an issue. But even cheaper materials like veneer can be worked with, search for a specialized paint or even remove the veneer layer.


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