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Kitchen Appliances To Get You Eating Healthier In The New Year

Having indulged ourselves over Christmas, many of us are now cutting back on the calories and discovering that whilst healthy cooking might be more rewarding, it’s also a lot more hard work. Why not make the process a whole lot easier by investing in some time-saving products for your kitchen? Here’s a brief taste of some of the nifty appliances currently available on the market.


EatSmart Precision Pro Scale


Learn to portion correctly by investing in a digital kitchen scale. One popular and affordable model is the EatSmart Precision Pro Scale, which offers precision down to one gram, as well as being able to weigh items up to 11 pounds. This scale even has a cool counterweight feature allowing you to account for the weight of a bowl or container so that you can get the exact measurement.  


Black & Decker Rice Cooker


If you’re a small family that regularly eats rice, a rice cooker might be a beneficial tool to help with meals. You simply add the rice, add water and leave the contents to cook. There’s also a mode with models such as the 3 Cups rice cooker for warming up rice. One of the healthiest forms of carbohydrates, rice is a versatile food that you’ll soon be making the most of with curries, chillies, fish dishes, paellas and risottos.  


Vitamix Blender


Blenders are great for making healthy and delicious smoothies out of all those uneaten fruits lying in the kitchen bowl. Vitamix has a series of blenders, a popular model being the Vitamix 7500 which has variable speed controls as well as noise reductions for those early mornings when you yearn a smoothie but don’t want to make a racket. Blenders can also be used to create soups.


Crock-Pot Slow Cooker


You no longer have to keep monitoring pots of pans for hours on end thanks to slow-cookers. Simply put all the ingredients into the slow-cooker before you go to work and come home to a tasty and succulent stew. Vegetables can lose some of their trace nutrients when slow-cooked, but it’s a lot healthier than frying with just the same amount of taste, if not more.


Bodum Bistro Two-Speed Juicer


For making your own freshly squeezed orange juice, why not a buy a special juicer. There are manual variants on the market, but you can make life a lot easier by investing in a motorised model such as the Bodum Bistro Two-Speed Juicer. Its two speeds allow you to decide how thick you want your morning drink to be, the second setting also allowing you to pull juice out of excess pulp. Start your morning with some fresh vitamin C and say goodbye to processed squash.


Progressive International Folding Mandoline Slicer


Quite possibly one of the most frustrating tasks when it comes rustling up healthy meals is slicing and dicing up those vegetables. Some people can be so put off that they opt for pre-sliced and tinned vedge instead, quite often processed and removed of some of its nutrients. However, with a slicer, you really have no excuse not to go organic.


Models such as the Progressive International Folding Mandoline Slicer offer different thickness sizes so that you can customise how you cut. You can go for big slices and make your own potato chips or create some delicious carrot shavings to decorate on top of a soup. The device is very safe, with a comfortable grip and grooves on both sides. You can grate over a bowl or slice over a chopping board.


Those that aren’t watching their waistline can find other creative uses for it such as grating up a large block of chocolate. In fact, it was probably a bad idea to suggest such a use.


Sushezi Sushi Maker


Sushi can be delicious but fiddly stuff. A sushi maker can make it much easier to create your own sushi rolls out of your own ingredients. Quite often the stuff you get out of supermarket or restaurant can have unhealthy ingredients such as mayo. With your own DIY kit you can create your own custom sushi with the fish and vegetables that you like. The maker is manually operated, so you don’t have to worry about it adding to your electricity bill.

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