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Kitchen Remodel Part 3- The Sink & Dishwasher


Kitchen Remodel Part 3- The Sink & Dishwasher

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Welcome to part 3 of our kitchen remodel series. I have tried to be 100% real about the issues we ran into with this project and the little bits and pieces that came with it. I found that I was very particular about certain details of this.

The kitchen sink was a very important and big part of this remodel. I wanted to go from a double bowl to a single. This was huge for quite a few reasons, one of which will be highlighted later this year when we start canning more. (think huge bath tub!) I wanted to get away from the oil rubbed bronze or the stainless fixtures that everyone seems to be going with these days so we opted for matte black. A nice goose neck style with a sprayer that pulls out instead of a separate piece.

Both were purchased on and arrived quicker than they were mentioned on the shipping page, so that is always a perk. My husband wasn’t as comfortable ordering these items online, but I had faith. He has seen some real horror stories up close and personal with ordering plumbing materials online.



I went with the soap dispensers that looked like mason jars and a stick on sink caddy to avoid messy rags and other items being on the edge of the sink. This has proven to be the best investment yet especially the sponge holder.

The install on the sink and faucet was all my husband. I admit to taking a nap while he installed this and the dishwasher.

We opted for a Whirlpool dishwasher from Lowe’s and used the delivery service for that. I was extra thankful because at this point in our remodel Lowe’s employees may have started to know me by name.

We already had a dishwasher in place, but wanted to upgrade as the old one had started to leak and that was one reason for new flooring as well (part 2). Regardless this dishwasher is nearly silent compared to the one we were replacing. I was amazed when we ran the first load.

Yes, that is floor patch and glue. We had to snap a photo of this beauty.

Last but not least we needed window coverings which hadn’t been up in about 7 years. I loved the buffalo check pattern found on Amazon (yes the UPS guy knows us by name too)

The curtains block the evening sun that blasts through the windows and also adds a nice atmosphere. We went with buffalo check rugs as well (coming in the finale part in a few weeks) The curtain rods came from Roses a little chain store in our town. The black really set off the window and all of the little extras we had.



So there you have it… part 3 of operation fake farmhouse as we called it.


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