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Kubai World Baby Handprint Frame Review

Kubai World Baby Handprint Frame Review

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What we thought

I was very excited to get this adorable frame as I know a few folks who are expecting babies this year! I love giving baby shower gifts that are a little outside the box, not your standard receiving blanket or white onesie. I especially love giving gifts that will last long and be a keepsake to remember just how tiny your baby once was! I also get a crafty itch now and then, so this was right up my alley. The kit includes the frame, instructions, clay, a rolling pin, tape, letter stamps and 3 colored mats for easy personalization. The instructions are detailed but easy to understand and the craft itself seems super easy to do which is essential when you have a newborn! The frame is sturdy and really well made and there’s enough clay to really get the result you want. I love that there are different colored mats (a pink, a blue and a green) so that you can fit the color that best suits your taste and decor. The letter stamps are perfect for personalizing the clay with name, birth date or birth stats! All in all, this seems like a really easy, foolproof way to document your little one’s early days so that, when they’re 4 going on 14, you can reminisce at how small and new they once were! I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

About the Company

Kubai is a small family business created to help families just like ours capture and cherish moments in time. We are the lucky parents of two amazing children and watching them grow up so quickly inspired us to find a way to capture these memories. 

The name Kubai – pronounced Cu-bai represents a merging of two significant places in our lives, Dubai, where our family lives and Cuba which represents our passion for travel and holds special memories for us.  In ancient mythology Kubai is the goddess of birth and children. This is how Kubai was born.

Check out their website for a look at all of their products, a product presentation video and a how-to video in case you’re hazy on any of the instructions!  On the instructions list included with the kit is an offer for a 25% off coupon when you register online, plus the opportunity for other great deals and offers!


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