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Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill





American Greetings Entertainment Partners with Preschool App Leader, Night & Day Studios

Los Angeles — June 2, 2016 – From the company behind the beloved global brand Care Bears, in

partnership with the creators of bestselling preschool app Peekaboo Barn, comes a brand new

learning game and alphabet storybook app for young learners: Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill.

Developed in-house by American Greetings Entertainment and Night & Day Studios, Lemon

Lumberjack’s Letter Mill is the market debut and the first release of this brand new intellectual

property, Lemon LumberjackTM, created for the mobile marketplace by American Greetings




Inside the letter mill, fun friends wait to surprise and delight young learners with their love of

language. Players match letters and objects as they move down the conveyor belt to complete

levels and earn daily rewards. Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill is designed to guide children

through multiple stages of language acquisition. Pre-readers learn letter recognition, along with

the sounds letters make, through age-appropriate matching games. In higher levels, older

children learn to connect letters with the sounds they make and build fundamental spelling and

reading skills. Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill is an exciting way to develop reading proficiency.

“It’s great to see the talent in our creative and editorial studios at AGE come together to ideate

this new IP and produce amazing content,” explained Megan Buettner, Head of Creative and

New Media, American Greetings Entertainment. “Night & Day Studios is truly one of the best

preschool digital app creators in the business, and we all are excited to partner with them to

introduce the world to Lloyd (the Lemon Lumberjack) and his friends.”

In the app, players can collect 26 character storybook pages to hear silly stories about the

Letter Mill friends, as well as explore 54 levels with a broad range of play modes. Children will

meet charming letter-loving characters, discover hidden surprises, dance along to original music

and be rewarded by wild animations that encourage and cheer their progress.

AG Entertainment and Night & Day Studios App Release

Lemon Lumberjack Letter Mill

“This app is a true creative collaboration between AGE and Night & Day Studios,” said Brianne

Baker, Creative Director of Night & Day Studios. “Our team loved Lemon Lumberjack from first

glance, and we knew right away that this new IP deserved our handcrafted approach. The

challenge of animating the unique, photo-realistic, highly textured visual style was greatly

rewarding, and we think the stunning results will have huge appeal for kids and parents.”

Lemon Lumberjack Letter Mill is available on iOS now, and Google Play in Summer 2016. The

freemium app is recommended for children of all ages, especially ages 6-8.


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