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Liquor Whaaat?! Cream Filled Beavers

Liquor Whaaat?! Cream Filled Beavers

We received the mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.

About Liquor Whaaat?! Cream Filled Beavers

Liquor Whaaat

Price: $17.69

Sweet and fun for your much needed alone timeLiquor Whaaat’s Cream Filled Beavers taste as good as they look. Each box comes with six Belgian Chocolate Beavers with decadent cream filling. Two flavors are included in each box – you will find three dark chocolates with rum truffle filling and three milk chocolates with champagne cream filling.

What We Thought

First and foremost the name of this product made me chuckle. I knew immediately this was something I wanted to try. Decadent is one word to use when describing these chocolates. While I am not a dark chocolate fan generally these are pretty tasty although that may be because they are filled with the rum truffle cream. The milk chocolate was definitely my favorite with the champagne (yum!!) cream filling.

I wasn’t sure what I expected from these but I loved immediately the humor and the cute packaging. I have to give huge credit for the preparation for the heat that was given. The chocolates arrived on an 80 degree day when the humidity felt like it would melt your entire body. The chocolates were packaged with care and they were unscathed from the heat. A company who takes this effort gets huge points from us because I know that this not only takes extra time but extra money as well.

The price point at $17.69 for the 6 chocolates makes this a great gift idea especially since they can be shipped right to your door or to the door of someone special to you. Chocolate makes the perfect gift, but these step it up a notch. I felt like these were a fine line of chocolate and definitely not your “grocery store check out” style.

I feel that these would make a great addition to a fun charcuterie board.

Keep Liquor Whaaat?! in your mind for upcoming holidays and special moments with your favorite people.

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