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Little Touches to Improve Your Living Room

Our livings rooms are the space where we tend to spend most of our down time. The place where we can rest and enjoy the spare time that we have after a long day at work. Therefore it’s essential that our living rooms are as cosy and inviting as possible to make sure that they are a space we can really enjoy.


It doesn’t need to cost the earth to improve on our living rooms, so here are our super simple and cheap tips on the little touches you can add to improve your living room.

Lick Of Paint


Sometimes the transformation of a space can be done as simply as just changing up your colour scheme. If you are tired of looking at the same old colours in your living room, maybe it’s time to try something a little bit more daring. If your furniture is bright and bold you will probably want to keep your walls a reasonably neutral colour to prevent the colour scheme in this room from being too overwhelming.


If you are wondering how to add a pop of colour, without overdoing it, you may want to consider just painting one wall a really bold colour and using it as a feature wall to hang a favourite painting, mirror or flat screen TV.


Alternatively there are some really sumptuous and luxurious wall papers available these days, at very reasonable prices, so perhaps you could, instead of painting one feature wall, perhaps you could wall paper just one wall to add an interesting dynamic to the space.




The textures in your living room are essential in order for this space to look warm, cosy and inviting. The rugs and carpets should be plump and soft and feel gorgeous under bare feet, so look at the rugs you have and see if there is any room for improvement in this area.


The same applies for cushions and sofa throws. It is so easy to buy beautiful cushion covers and attractive throws to completely revamp our living space. These small details can make all the difference to making your living space a really sumptuous and luxurious space for you to unwind and take the weight off, so have a look around the kinds of colours, shapes and textures that you can play with and combine to create a really homely and chic mood in this room.


Oversized cushions and beanbags are also a great way to add extra comfort to living rooms. They offer additional seating options, without breaking the bank and are really popular with yound children and teenagers. Get a giant bean chair online or a big fluffy oversized cushion, at a great price for you and your kids to sink into and while away your chill out time in the lap of comfort luxury.




The living room is all about ambience, so if you are not going to do anything else you are going to want to make sure that you are organising relaxing and atmospheric lighting with scented candles and accent lighting from a pretty mix match of lamps scattered around different parts of the room to really bring this space to life.

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