Looking After Your Hearing And Eyesight

Your senses are important to you and you really should do your very best to take care of them. All of the information that your brain takes in, comes directly from your senses. They help you to understand the world and piece everything together. Two of the most important senses are your eyesight and your hearing. 


While of course, people can live a full and happy life without these senses, but these precious senses are something that you should look after. 


Without your hearing, you may not be able to enjoy your favourite music anymore and you may struggle when it comes to having conversations with friends and family. Without your eyesight, you may never see a setting sun or the faces of the people that you love. 


Paying attention to deterioration in these senses is important as they may be subtle and hard to spot. But if you can do something about them, you may well enjoy the benefits of being able to see and hear much better. 


What Are The Signs That You Are Experiencing Hearing Loss?


Hearing loss can creep up very slowly. You may not notice that the world has started to become slightly muffled. Problems hearing the odd word here or there in conversations will slowly turn into asking everybody to repeat themselves several times before you actually manage to understand what they are saying. For this reason, it can be hard to spot the signs of hearing loss. 


If you notice that you have to turn the TV up an extra few notches to be able to hear it, or you struggle while on the phone, these are signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss.


One symptom that may stand out more than others may be ringing in your ears. This is Tinnitus. It can be very uncomfortable as the ringing never seems to stop. It may well seem louder than the sounds of the world around you and make it harder for you to understand people or to hear the TV. 


What Should You Do If You are Experiencing Hearing Loss?


The first thing that you should do if you are experiencing hearing loss is to make an appointment with a hearing specialist. You may feel as though you are too young to experience hearing loss, however, it is a common misconception that it is something that only affects older people. 


Do not be ashamed or nervous about making that appointment. Your hearing specialist will be able to talk you through some of the problems you have encountered with your hearing and may ask you some questions about your life and health. This will give them some background information about what might be causing your hearing loss. 


Following this, you may be asked to undergo a hearing test. You will be played a series of sounds and you will indicate to the hearing specialist whenever you hear them.


Based on the assessments made by your hearing specialist, it may be recommended that you wear a hearing aid. You will be advised on the best type to get for your hearing needs and you will be provided with the support that you need to fit the hearing aid.


Modern hearing aids are lightweight and are designed to not stand out, making it less obvious to you and everyone else that you are wearing it.


How Can You Tell If You Have Problems With Your  Eyesight?


Again, problems with your eyesight can creep up on you. You may not notice that some things will start to become blurry over time. But there are many reasons that you should get your eyes tested every two years, regardless of whether you notice any changes or not. 


You may find that you start to get headaches when reading or looking at computer or TV screens for any length of time. This is an indication that your eyes are straining more than they should be, and signifies a deterioration in your eyesight.


If you drive, your eyesight needs to be good. But if miss things because they become blurry, then this could be dangerous. Check your eyesight in the car by trying to read license plates on other parked vehicles.


What Should You Do If You Have Issues With Your Eyesight?

Taking a regular trip to the optometrist is important. An eye examination will provide your optometrist with the information that they need to prescribe you with some corrective lenses that will improve the quality of your eyesight.

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