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Love The Idea Of Living In A Log Cabin? Read This Before You Invest!

There’s something about log cabins, isn’t there? They’re just so wonderfully rustic and unique. A lot of people think of log cabins more like places that are made for vacations, rather than for living in full-time. However, that’s not necessarily the case, believe it or not, log cabins can make fantastic homes. That being said, like any property type, there are a range of pros and cons to purchasing log cabins. To find out what these are, and to determine whether a log cabin could be a good investment for you, have a read of this.

The cons:

A lot of people think that because log cabins are made from incredibly big, strong trees, that they need very little maintenance. However, that’s not actually the case – log cabins require a lot of care. For instance, every three years, log cabins need to be stained, and every five years – as the wood shrinks, they may require new sealants. You can find out more about these updates on sites like – take the time to have a read.

Regardless of whether the wood is treated and stained when it should be, log cabins are still prone to infestations. You see, bugs and insects like to make their homes inside wood, so the chances are, that at some point, you will have an infestation of some sort.

Another con to log homes is that if they’re fully made of logs with no interior walls, wiring them can be tricky. Not to mention, incredibly costly.

The pros:

One of the major pros of owning a log home is that they’re not expensive to build or buy because the wood comes cheap. Or, at least, most of the time it tends to.

Another pro of log homes is that if you opt for a property that’s made half of logs, it can be incredibly easy to insulate. Another pro of half log homes is that log shrinkage isn’t an issue, whereas, with full log homes it can be.

Believe it or not, log cabins that are built using modern techniques, tend to have better insulation that normal properties. This means that they can be highly energy efficient, and so, can be incredibly cheap to run.

As far as ventilation and humidity levels are concerned, it is important the log homes are kept well ventilated so that you can breath in fresh and healthy air, lists important suggestions around how to consider humidifiers and dehumidifiers based on your area.

If you’re not a fan of hearing your neighbours, a log cabin could be perfect for you. This is because the way that most log cabins are built, they offer fantastic sound proofing. Meaning that you shouldn’t be able to hear very much from your neighbours.

Then there’s the fact that log homes are actually greener than normal properties, as long as they’re made from sustainable wood, that is.

So there you have it, an in-depth guide to the pros and cons of log cabins. If you’re someone who wants a home with a difference and is happy to opt for a half log cabin, then investing in (or building) a cabin, could be a fantastic move to make. As long as you’re happy with both the pros and cons of life in a wood cabin, that is.


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