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Love Just Got Easier With the New “Love is…” StoryGIF App

Even in the Digital Age, Texting CAN BE Romantic!

Love Just Got Easier With the New “Love is…” StoryGIF App


Are you a romantic at heart?  Are you one of those folks that think that the digital age has taken away romance.  Well then you haven’t been introduced to the new “Love is…” StoryGIF app!  This text app helps you create sweet notes to those in your contact list that you love (or just like if that’s how you roll.)

Love is…taking it back to the 1970’s with this classic newspaper comic strip.  The decade responsible for Star Wars.  The decade responsible for bell bottoms.  The decade responsible for “Charlie’s Angels.” Cartoonist Kim Casali originally began creating the little drawings to express her feelings for her future husband, Roberto; leaving the heartfelt cartoons where he would be sure to find them.  In 1970, Kim’s cartoons came to the attention of the international syndication business, and from there, the Love is… cartoon took on a life of its own, making romance for fans as easy as clipping a comic strip.

Now, even better for those of us who are artistically-challenged, or just plain too lazy to send a card, the Love is… StoryGIF app comes to the rescue.  The app is available on iOS or Android for only $0.99, which is the cheapest romantic card I’ve ever purchased.  The best thing is that it can be used over and over again!

Love is…Kind

The app is super-easy to use, and really awwwhhhh-inspiring.  You can create your adorable romance-laden messages in just three easy steps.  1. Choose your GIFs, 2. Compose your story, 3. Share to your favorite messenger.  Done!  Over 40 individual classic cartoon-style animations to choose from, with almost unlimited combinations.


Love is…Not Boastful, or Envious

What makes these StoryGIF apps so great is a few things, including the fact that they are based off of animated cartoons that we’ve all grown up with like Hello Kitty, Peanuts, Care Bears, Mr. Men Little Miss, and now Love is… Every other GIF app I’ve tried is photo based or animated based on a “self portrait” type of creation.  Don’t get me wrong, those can be fun, but for most of my friends I send adorable GIFs to, my face doesn’t quite get the same reaction as Hello Kitty or Grumpy Bear.  That’s okay, makes it well worth the price.


Fall in love today with the Love is… StoryGIF app!  Download on iOS or Android for only $0.99.


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