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How To Make Money With CircumNews & Is It Legit?


How To Make Money With CircumNews & Is It Legit?

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UPDATE*    I am hearing A LOT about people getting paid and Paypal is supposedly confirming this ( though I am unsure Paypal would offer that information).  However, I have yet to see a screen shot, but it is making me more hopeful.  Sign up below and try it out, you would hate to have missed out on this.

I AM UP TO $600 IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!  And I am LOVING that people are getting paid!!  Fingers crossed  !

1. Basically what CircumNews does is gets paid to advertise a company’s articles.  Then CircumNews pays the readers a portion of that.  It is a clever marketing technique actually.

2. It IS crazy easy to make GOOD money fast, I have made $232 in two days with literally less than 3 hrs put into it. USE YOUR REFERRAL LINK! $9 per referral.

Here is how to sign up.  They ask for NO personal info.  My only suggestion, do not use the same password as you do for Paypal, which makes sense anyways.

1.  Click here to go register by signing up with an email and password, it is that simple.

2. Then click  READ NEWS  in the upper right hand corner,  you will be presented with a screen like this   :



3. Click a link of your choice, read the article and click CONFIRM , you earned $2. 

Just in the 5 minutes writing this post, I clicked on a few links to be able to give you the screen shots and made $10


After 30 minutes



After 2 hours, I cashed out


According to the site, payment is made within 14 days of reaching the  $350 threshold (previously $100. Hopefully this is a sign they are a true business and needed to readjust to keep up with everything.)  Which I did in 2 hours.   So now we wait and see if payment comes through, nothing lost if it doesn’t as far as I am concerned.

Once I am paid via Paypal,  I will post a screen shot.  Let’s all work together to keep each other updated so we can determine if we are wasting our time or about to make some serious extra cash!


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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.


    • Monte

      This is a total crock!!!!!!!!!!! I was to $343 today and went to try to login and it says i got password wrong and when i tried to have it sent to my email they said it wasnt even registered. Im severely p.o’d right now. They obviously erased my account when it was time to pay up!!!!

    • Brett

      I just signed up today (Nov 23rd), and did the initial 10 articles that were available and my account is showing the $20. I will try to update my progress when it’s time to pay, but I may not do too many referrals until I see that it’s legitimate.

      Also, the site DOES seem to be working fine. I was able to log back in.

    • brenden

      hey I cashed out at 350$ at the beginning of December and it still just says processing. so im thinking its a scam because its been longer than 14 working days

  • Jena

    Hi I just recently started with circumnews I was just wondering if you got paid and how you got new news articles to read. MY old ones came back up and when I click it it says I already read it. Any information would be helpful

    • Melissa

      Hi Jena,

      This site is new so we are all just trying it out, as of right now Im not sure how often they will update the news articles available to read. I know as with other rewards sites and similar they are available like every few days, because it is new I think it will take them a bit of time to get more articles in. However, the real money comes from referrals. I suggest spreading the word and making some referral money. My thought is they do not ask for detailed personal info and as long as your Paypal Password does not match your sign up password with them, no harm no foul. The work is VERY EASY and if it ends up being that they dont follow through and pay out, well it was worth a shot 😉

  • Hector

    OK you have talked about a few things, but there is an impotant question I want to ask you,…
    Have you already got paid? Have you already recieved any money? thanks in advance.

    • Melissa

      Hi Hector,

      As I mentioned in the article and other comments , this company is NET 14 from the day you reach your $100 minimum. So, since I just reached that yesterday and cashed out, No, I have not received a payment. but will (as I mentioned in the article) let everyone know and post a screen shot if and when I do. The way I see it is, the money is so easy to make that there is nothing gained nothing lost kind of mentality here. If they disappoint us all and don’t pay out, it was still worth a try to me. 🙂 PS- Most companies are NET30 or 45 so this is not bad. That means you get paid 30 or 45 days after reaching the minimum.

  • Lola

    I just signed up 2 days ago and made $30 reading all of the 15 news available for me but when I went back today to read the news it says “You have already got the earning for the news” what does this mean? This is NEW news NOT news that I have already read thanks

  • Kristen

    Hi, I too just reached my cash out goal…Im a bit confused though, Im assuming u just put ur Paypal email as the “account number”? I ask this as once I enter my PP email, when I got to the payout tab the “.com” part is missing so I wanted to make sure they had the right address or I wasnt doing something wrong…did that happen to u as well? For example – shows up as johnsmith@live ….

  • mellissa

    Hello im using circumnews as well but i have only made $39 i cant seem to get any new articles mine all said they were read already. I just want to know how you managed to get that much money that quick?

    • Melissa

      Hi Melissa,

      My additional earnings came from referrals. $9 per person who signs up. You can also refer people. Just make sure you give them this article link and the pros / cons of what you have read here. I shared and wanted everyone to know that I , like all of you am up in the air about it and just waiting to see.

      • mellissa

        Thank you i am finally at $339 just a few more and i can cash out.I am now getting new updated articles a couple times a day. so im gaining money quickly that way. Have you been paid yet? im hoping this is real i may be adopting a baby in a week (just made the decision last night) and i was recently laid off work so this will be my way of buying the main things i need for the baby for now. Goodluck to all of us!

  • gene romer

    Like most of us, I’m a skeptic. When I clicked the signup page it was in Russian. But then the Russian inscription disappeared…hmmm. I thought its only applicable in the USA and UK? Also, I observed others joining under my link, but not reading the articles? Rather odd? Why would anyone join then not read the articles to earn? Maybe, just maybe the mastermind behind this scam added email addresses to boost my commissions?

    • Cap

      No, most likely people signed up and just never read articles. That’s not unusual at all for a referral site. Sometimes people join and never follow through. I doubt the site would bolster anyone’s referrals, since it requires them to pay you more, lol.

  • Latoya Allen-Campbell

    I just signed up with them today and we will see if they will payout. Thanks everyone for your information makes it so much easier to be patient when many are as well. When I reach the threshold for payout I will let you know 🙂

  • Dominique

    I started Nov. 6th and Ive had 4 pay outs all $100 ($400 total) workin on my 5th one. I do new reasearch everyday, and some ppl say (about 3) they have gotten paid. And it was within a week of there payout. But Ill screenshot my acct if its really legit.

  • leandro

    hi Melissa, in the first day i readed 15 news and i got $30, but already passed 2 or 3 days and i dont have new news, all the news i got are already readed, is it normal ? the same whit you ?

    • Melissa

      HI Leandro

      Yes, same here. I mentioned above (or below LOL, depending on how these comments are going to descend) that my optimistic side says that it is probably because they are in the midst of marketing their service to more companies. Similar to a store that opens, it has a certain starter inventory and then grows, but takes time. My pessimistic side says, CRAP! 😉

  • Trishmarie Woods

    It is worth mentioning that there have been no new articles posted on their site so the only way to reach the $100 minimum payout is to recruit at least 6 other people to read those same 15. Those of us trying this should also be wary that there is no contact info or privacy policy listed on the site which is based in the Ukraine while asking us to read USA news articles. I’m fairly certain this is an email gathering site and nothing more but will be thrilled to be proven wrong if and when money ever arrives in my PayPal account!

    • Cap

      There were new news articles added just a day or two ago. It seems while some got a few new articles a couple days after signing up, it’s typical for the site to refresh new stories about every week or so. That’s not unusual since their customers have to send them the information to put there to begin with. Also, not all of the news stories are based in the US. This company makes a mint off their customers, we’re just simply doing their work they were contracted to do.. aka.. read those news stories and click the links. They get paid a ton, and pass a percentage of it on to us worker bees who are actually doing what they were contracted to do. It’s not an unusual business scheme in the least. It’s just that most companies aren’t very transparent about what it is they’re paying for, and this one is. Skepticism is totally understood though. What often looks too good to be true, usually is. But…sometimes… it’s not 🙂

  • Teri

    i signed up a couple days ago. did my first set of news feeds and had 1 referral and 3 reads by referrals so $39.60, and no new feeds sense. i have emailed them with no response from them. Just incase its a scam i went to my paypal and changed my pw and deleted my bank account information.

    • Melissa

      I agree, great idea. I did the same when I first signed up. I honestly think that IF it IS a scam that it was all just a ploy to get traffic to build their Google AdSense earnings, according to Paypal there would be no way for them to hack our account with a new PW change. So worries here, rest easy too! Thanks for letting us know!

  • Christine

    I tried to set mine up but it doesn’t show me how to put my paypal account on. It shows a spot for it but not like a “submit” button or anything…. Did this happen to you?

      • Adriana

        Im just afraid they are asking for Paypal and then for you to create a password. Most people use the same passwords for everything even tho its not safe. What if they are just trying to get into your Paypal and take money from your account??

        • Melissa

          It could be anything, it could be nothing. I recommended in the article making sure the passwords are different. Yes, you should always use different passwords for everything.

        • Cap

          Paypal has built in protection for such things. At least, a lot better protection than Paypal once had. They’re a bit more on the ball these days and can, should something go awry(which can happen with ANY site you use Paypal on)assist you in fixing and returning funds. They used to have some serious difficulties with this, but thankfully, have straightened up over the years and become a lot more trustworthy.

          • pam

            I trust Paypal to keep things in check. But in my case the only money they could take is what they put in….lol

  • alvin

    not seen real, because all the article “added” time and news are same without change, which mean they have long time no update the news already.

    Maybe it is just a company who trying to collect online user email database, but let see.

  • Kellee

    I’ve tried this out today, too, after reading your article.

    I just now noticed, though, that my articles available this evening are identical to the articles in your screen shot, down to the “added” time. That’s a little disheartening, as it seems it has been several days since then. I’ve maxed out at $30 and can’t view any other articles.

    That immediately makes me fear that this is a scam, since early on everyone was able to go over 100 right away, but I suppose time will tell. I hope you get your money! 🙂

  • Keta

    Melissa, I sent my referral link out and it doesn’t work when my friend clicks on it. Was there an indicator that your referrals saw as they signed up under you?

      • Stephanie

        When I signed up my referral link on my main page wasn’t working either. A few ppl signed up under me and I wasn’t getting credit. The person I signed up under suggested under the referral link clicking the “more” tab. When that tab opens up there are two other variations of your referral link. I guess so you aren’t always posting one that looks exactly the same idk. Anyways, I clicked on the one it suggests using for social sites and that one has worked fine. I haven’t seen any proof of anyone getting paid yet, but the girl who I signed up under was told by the girl she signed up under that she had requested pay out and it actually did hit her paypal acct. So I think I, like the rest of the ppl on this page are just sitting back hoping it really works. I guess if it doesn’t all we did was waste a little bit of time, but it doesn’t take much time to read the articles and to post your referral link in a few places. So, I am just going on the mind track that I’m not really losing anything for trying, but it def will suck if payouts don’t come through. I’m hoping the cash out amt to pay changed because the site is getting a lot of sign ups and go tired of paying out arnd the clock. lol Good luck to everyone. I hope it works for myself and everyone trying it out!

      • Connie

        I have several people that have signed up through my link & my fiancée is doing his also. If you click “more” under the referral link you will see at the bottom of the page, the email address of the people that have signed up using your link. Also, at the top of your page, where it shows your earnings, on the right hand side of the page it tells you how many articles the people who have signed up under you have read. I hope this helps. BTW, I submitted my payment request on December 11,2013 If I have figured right, my payment date should be around January 6, 2014. Has anyone got proof of payment yet from this site?

  • Denita

    Well today
    i try to cash out now it says much be a min of $350 when i signed up it said $100.00 now whats up with the big change in order to cash out? sounds fishy!!!!

  • Dee

    They updated the articles as of 11/9/13 but they also changed the minimum to $350 to cash out, which really seems shady. Also the fact that you don’t have to actually click on the article link to get the $2. This has to be a phishing site for paypal or email passwords. Thankfully I didn’t use the same password but I will be monitoring my paypal and email account for suspicious activity/increased spam.

  • Jamal

    I think they only give new stories on the weekends, I started last Saturday and Ive received news on that day and new news on Sunday, just received new news today. I cashed out Thursday night at 100.02. I got three referrals under me. I’m just hoping to see money by the 21st or sooner.

  • dave

    i signed up 2 days ago AND THEN did research on it…..wrong order. anyway, i earned $30 yesterday and there were 10 new articles today. so im at $50, but now it says minimum payout is $350, whereas yesterday it was $100. i didnt see anywhere about the increase. any thoughts on that?

  • L

    Hi Melissa,

    You were able to cash out at $100? I noticed it said it changed to needing to cash out at $350. Did you literally get to drop the money to your PayPal successfully?

    • Lauren

      Mine has changed to $350 as well. I assume it’s because everybody was trying to do it all at once. I hope everybody get there money. It will really help with Christmas expenses!

      • Melissa

        Absolutely, I think I will absolutely freak if it goes through LOL ! Either way I hope I helped everyone and was able to keep you informed and updated, thank you all for helping each other and commenting !

      • Cap

        That’s not why it changed. It went back to the normal payout amount of $350, which it has been since it started. The $100 thing was a limited time deal, the same as the $15 referrals for October. The $100 deal ended at a specific time on the 9th.(what time, I honestly cannot remember for the life of me, lol)

    • Melissa

      Hi L
      Yes I was cashing out at $100, no payment yet. It has only been about 3 days. My thoughts on the raised cash out- There are 2 reasons I see why they would need to up the cash out minimum (my guesses only)…
      1. My pessimistic side says – To buy them time to continue to do what they are doing (making money from ads or collecting emails)
      2. My optimistic side says – they did not expect such a huge response and as a new company may need to reconfigure their payout for financial purposes. Example. If they are new and only making $5,000 a week and the program we are participating in is costing them $10,000. Know what I mean?

      I am really trying to see this from all sides and honestly just waiting 🙂

  • Nic

    Since this site is so new it is hard to see what it might be. Possibly just an email harvesting site. Possibly a phishing site to trick people into providing their paypal login and password. I for one use a different email that i call a spam email for sites like these and not my actually everyday email. Seeing as it was a $100 minimum that has jumped to $350 as well as not having any new news articles to read. I have to say it’s a phishing site, for email or for password information.

  • JoyeB

    Hey guys I had actually gotten exhausted from trying to find proof if circum was legit or not, so an idea came into my head to just call Paypal directly and ask (you all might feel better doing the same)They will not give out any information as far as the originators and location, but other than that I was told that there is no way for the company to steal your money and that there are a lot of paypal members getting paid from circumnews(per Paypal). A lot of you might be like me who is still a little skeptical, but I actually feel a little better getting that info from PayPal. So we’ll see.

    • Nicki

      I tried to contact PayPal directly and they informed me that they could not stated that circumnews does or does not pay members. They stated that they had no way of determining that information.

  • Karen

    I am very suspicious as I have six referrals but I have never put my referral link anywhere mainly because it does not work.
    Also, these so called referrals have never read any news items..none of them!
    This does not seem very likely to me

  • Melanie

    Hi Melissa,

    I’m running into a problem where the site will not post new articles for me to read to make more money. Have other people had this problem? Does it just take a couple days?

    • Melissa

      Hi Melanie,

      I have heard that people get new articles every few days, I did 2 days later. I know there are a lot of comments, but scan through them and see what you can find! 🙂

  • Jana

    I’m still waiting on getting to the minimum payout but I’m almost there. I received new news articles after 36 hours. Just to tell everyone.

  • Shannon

    I signed up yesterday morning and I am up to $200. I was just given new articles this morning also. It seems to good to be true but it only takes a few minutes so why not give it a shot? I called PayPal and they assured me there is no way my account could be hacked with just the email. I am getting frustrated though because the website keeps timing out, seems as though they need to upgrade their servers for all the traffic they are getting.

  • Melinda S

    I have 7 referrals, and I have put my referral link out there. Only a couple of them have actually read any articles. For those of you saying it’s suspicious that people would join and not read, I have 3 personal referrals of people I know who have done just that so it isn’t that unlikely or odd. A lot of times people sign up for things and then don’t follow through. I am up to $138.50 so it will be a while before I reach the minimum payout, but it shall be interesting to see if anyone does get the money in the meantime.

  • Cindy

    I just happened upon your blog while searching for this exact same thing.. to see if it is the real deal because God knows I need the money and I am always looking for work at home deals. I signed up with Circumnews about 3 days ago, through a persons link at Cafemom. I immediately did the first few articles and a friend of mine joined under me. She thinks its a scam and I don’t know what to think just yet. I just wanted to pop in and tell ya’ll so far how it is going for me. I too ran out of articles that first day, checked the next.. no articles and then the next after that, no articles, this morning I checked and I had several new articles in to read and I am half way through my articles this morning because I am multitasking finding info and getting things ready to send out from Ebay. After reading all of your comments, I changed my Paypal password, why I didn’t to begin with I have no clue.. just was not in my head at the time but it is changed now. I’m only at $39 so far and that is with just my one referral. So for me it’s been rather slow, no one is going to bite at this kind of thing until it is proven a real deal income base. My only problem “so far” is that the page is loading very slow… snails pace, when I click on the articles, same thing.. SUPER slow and that is why I am multitasking too but it will take a couple of minutes to load OR it pops up a 504 Time-Out error. Anyone else having this problem? I have no money in my Paypal so even if it was a Phishing scam they wouldn’t get nothing from me but of course it is always a fear for any type of online thing. I have gotten phished via an MMO before so I know it can happen. An earlier post from the woman saying that she has contacted Paypal and asked them questions about this.. that is a very good idea and THANK YOU so much for that bit of information. It does soften the blow a little. I’ll be keeping up with you guys and seeing how it works for you. Since I am apparently no where near a Cash out just yet, those of you that are.. please keep us posted. I hope this is the real deal. It would be heaven sent if it is.

    • Stoddet

      Yes i have been experincing same here too. Very slow and the 504 error will pop up. Is it likely their website is having issues already?

      • Cindy

        I read after coming here that it’s a problem that quite a few are having. It is probably stress due to high traffic. When they started, they may not have known it would literally go viral. It could be that their server isnt fit for such a high level of traffic, they may need to upgrade or something eventually. That of course is just hear say but that is what I seen anyway and it really kind of makes sense.

  • Pamela

    I get news to read maybe every 2 days, after I read 30 the amount I get paid per news is now $2.10, I haven’t reached a $100. yet, maybe I have, I know I have 3 referrals but I have not receive the credit for any of them yet. I did send Circumnews an email asking about it. Just waiting to see.

    • Bonnie

      How do you send circum news an email or how can I contact them? I have earned over $110 and now they are saying I am using the wrong e-mail/password and I cannot log in? Has anyone else had this happen? If I can’t log in or contact them then I assume I am going to lose my $110. Ugh. Hope someone can help out – thanks!

  • Shannon Stubbs

    I am curious to see when you post whether you have been paid or not. I wish they would update under their FAQ b/c that still says $100 payout. Then, as I reached that amount, it upped to $350. Hoping it isn’t a scam, but we shall see. I’ve seen a few posts else where that people have been paid.

  • CIndy

    My concerned are the payment prompts are in russian. I entered a merchant number for paypay and it accepted it….which honestly I think you can type whatever you want as your “paypal account and it will accept it. I am thinking it is an email compiling site, But i will see if I get my payout

  • Sarah Dunn

    I joined friday night i worked about 3 hours a day and on sunday i cashed out for $498 dollars and today i am up to $300 so im close to cashing out again i am skeptical as well an just praying it aint a scam i lost my job an have 4 kids to feed an take care of

  • Zella

    My first cash out was on November 6th. We’re waiting 7-14 business days for payment which means anywhere from November 15-November 27th for payment. I’m up to the professional level and have total amounts of $781.66 waiting to be paid out. I got most of that in my first day due to referrals. I’m hoping it’s legit because that would be a nice extra Christmas present but I’m not holding my breath!

  • Amber

    I’ve been getting new news articles every few days, I have posted my referral link but no one has signed up under me yet…Hoping this is legit so I can make a little extra money!!

  • Cindy

    Just checking back in. After I left here yesterday I went on youtube and watched about 3 different vid’s on it and same thing goes for them as it is with us. Basically “doesnt hurt to try” and another “talked to paypal and people are getting paid for this” type stuff. I can NOT get anyone to sign up under me at all, only the one person. I messaged her and told her all I knew so far and to go ahead and start reading articles, just to not put in paypal or w/e until we knew more.. no harm, no foul but she hasnt yet. I always have the worst time getting referrals for anything lol. I checked my articles and none in yet this morning, so I’ll stick with 2-3 days the articles refresh. The site is SOOO slow though. One of the vids yesterday says the site being slow is probably because they don’t have enough server speed to run all the rush of people trying it out so that the server is very crowded and spitting back the 504 error.

  • Tammy

    So, I take it that no one has actually recieved money yet? Well anyone that actually posts online hasn’t recieved money yet because I’m positive someone would’ve posted something if they’d been paid. I’ll check back again to see if there are any updates. I’m only at $50 so far, and I figure it couldn’t hurt to try.

    Thanks for the great post!

    • Melissa

      HI Tammy,

      Not yet ! The problem is with this Net 14 day period, I don’t think anyone will really have much to say about getting paid or not getting paid until at least next week. Stay in touch and thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    • Cap

      There was proof posted under Yahoo answers, but people flagged it and it got removed. Then the people posting they have gotten paid were basically verbally assaulted and told they must work for the company, and stuff like that. So…finding people willing to say they’ve gotten paid, will be a lot harder. I understand the skepticism entirely, who doesn’t really? But, people ont he net, as per usual, are getting hyped up calling everything they see a scam and making it really difficult for anyone to prove squat. Which, when you think about it, is sad. The people who HAVE been paid(remember, that number is going to be low, for a while, most give up before cashing out anything) are few and far between and tired of being called scammers themselves. Can’t say I blame them.

  • Maria Urbina

    Well thank God I unlinked my bank account from paypal… Will be checking your messages next month to see if anybody has gotten paid.

  • Damaris

    Melissa, I read somewhere else that once you click the “pay out button” you get viruses? I know people are skeptic about this because it sounds to good to be true, but have you seen any difference? I’ve also read that people indeed are getting paid. Fingers crossed!!

    • Teresa

      I have had no issues, but I do wonder why they say payout is 7 working days on the main page, but the other page says 14. I seem to get new articles every other day. People could put fake emails in just to get the referral money… I don’t think things were thought out, but I am still hopefull since I cashed out on the 7th.

      • April Lilly

        No, you are not able to put in fake emails. I thought the same thing so I tried it and it will not let you from the same IP address.

    • Cap

      No one has actually reported any viruses, that’s just a rumor. People HAVE said virus software detected a “threat” or “malware” but, come on, those things can find fault in a LOT of websites. For a while, the walmart website was being flagged as a threat to AVG, McAfee and Norton. We certainly know it’s not chock full of viruses either. It’s very easy for any software to detect something it doesn’t understand(lack of better term) and deem it a threat. That’s normal behavior, and exactly what we want our virus protection to do if it doesn’t understand information passing through it. Pretend it’s bad, unless you know it’s good 😀

  • Christy

    I called paypal myself today and they told me that it is a Legit site and I am in a fb group and one of the ladies received her payout nov 11th and screen shot it and I seen it for myself..

  • Belinda

    So far so good i’m almost at $100.00 and the new change does suck but I think they were not expecting it to be a big hit as it has been so they had to increase the quota to be able to make the payouts. I am just waiting to see if everyone else gets paid or not. I have talked to paypal and they have had several inquires about this company so far but insure me that they can’t not get into our accounts just by email. So if anything its just a phishing scam for emails accounts. Also I would advise to now log into your paypal account until you run a malware scan and make sure your safe and its not some scam to follow you into your account. Its so scary doing these things but you have to try once in awhile. Sad we have to be so cautious!!

  • Kellee

    The closest I can get to confirmation of payout is a “friend of a friend.” I signed up last Friday, and the person that referred me just confirmed this morning that the person who referred her was just paid. I hate “friend of a friend” stuff, but that seems hopeful.

    • Kayla

      Yes, I went to login in today and kept recieving error messages in russian and now it says invalid login/password and when it asks for my real email to retrieve my password apparently i’m no longer registered but can’t reregister either!!

      • Elizabeth

        The same thing happened to me and to two of my friends today. We were all nearing the $200 mark and were getting excited – and then suddenly our login was invalid, and then when we asked to reset our password it said we didn’t have an account! I’m hoping it’s just a site error today!

    • Deanne

      I am also having that same exact issue. I haven’t been able to access the site all day. This is frustrating…I was only at $48 but still…any ideas why this is happening?

  • nNay

    My friend who told me about this site sometime last week said she actually received her money last night. It was about $150 and said it took 7 days. She also says she hasn’t had any problems.

  • Brenda

    I’m no tax expert in the least, but wouldn’t they need to send W2s if this were legit? I’m waiting to see proof of actual payment, thanks for looking into this!

    • Melissa

      HI Brenda,

      I too am no tax expert, BUT I do know that with other affiliate type companies they do not send w2s if they pay through Paypal. Paypal has it’s own standard and if I remember correctly will not send a w2 unless it is over a certain amount, which is high. On your taxes you can claim this income as “Other” if it goes over $600. Hope that helps.

  • Blue Hippo


    Just signed up a few days ago. I hope this site is real. Keep in mind, People pay more money for entertainment than any other industry including the news. So the concept seems plausible.

    Kind Regards, Blue Hippo

    • Melissa

      I agree! I got the whole concept and idea of it right from the beginning, as an online influencer in marketing and advertising I think the idea is great. They may just be new from a business stand point and learning as they go! We all have to start somewhere 🙂

  • Pamela

    I just found out that the reason for the payout differences of $100 & $350 was due to the $100. payout was a special for Sept. and I have been reading a lot about people are infact getting payments & paypal has verified that too. So hopefully this is the real deal. The only problem right now I have is that I know of 3 of my personal friends that have signed up & I still have not received any credit for any of them, I have sent an email to Circumnews & have not heard back from them yet.

    • Pamela

      I get the samething but if you hit refresh it will come up, sometimes you have to keep doing that till it does. hope this helps 🙂

  • Melissa

    Hey everyone!

    I just want to thank everyone for being so helpful and remind you to please be polite and keep it professional here. As you can see I blog primarily providing reviews and marketing for businesses. I do not wish to have any negative comments here. I am a professional and made this post strictly to inform and assist as much as I could. I am getting some nasty comments coming through that luckily I have been able to moderate and delete before they were posted.

    As for the posting of the screen shots. I will post when I get paid. I have said this multiple times. DO NOT expect any of my readers to post just because they said they were paid. They are not obligated to and it is their own personal information if they do not wish to share, this does not make them a liar or a con or ignorant. It could just mean they don’t want it posted here.

    Thank you for your comments , help and hanging out with us while we play the waiting game! I am glad you are here! 🙂

    • Cindy

      Understood and thank you for getting this posting started. If it hadnt been for finding this post I would have written it off as a scam. This has given me so much hope that this is real and to know others are also having issues with the webpage itself and just knowing that Paypal has said that so far people are getting paid.

  • rosalind

    I just started yesterday. I have gotten to 28.00, and I hope this isn’t a scam. I went on it today and it had problem loading the news ads.

  • Darel

    Okay, so I have been at this for a few days. I am just now at $100 with 3 referrals. I am hoping this is legit. I do think it is, and here is why. I tried to create a referral account for my GF from my home. The site would not let me, because they are tracking IP addresses and the error said that I had already signed up an account for this IP. I had to use my IPad over LTE to get it to work for another account. Now if this was a scam, why go through the coding to stop you from creating a bunch of bogus accounts to get referral fees? I hope I am not wrong on this one.

    • Melissa

      I understand exactly what you mean Darel, same here. I had my daughter try to sign up under my link the very first time (because I do not ever promote anything to my readers that I have not tried myself) and it tracked my IP.

  • Kimberly

    As for everyone who is saying that Paypal is verifying, this is not true…I sent an email and here is the response:


    Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and letting us know about it. Unfortunately, due to our strict privacy and security policy, we can’t comment on another individuals account. We will be certain to forward it along to our teams, though.

    – Adrian

  • Amber

    I hope this is real. No one will sign up under me till they no its real but I have so many mommy friends who stay home. This would help them so much.

  • Kelly

    Has anyone had any issues with not getting credit for referrals? I’ve had people sign up under a link I sent them in email and I haven’t gotten credit for any of them.

    • Cindy

      I have 2 referrals under mine and they showed right up and one is active.. the other is not. It may be a glitch, its been working for some and not for others. Since it’s a new system they might be having some trouble with it. Hopefully as it goes on they will work out the kinks.

  • April Lilly

    I cashed out on the 7th and I am patiently waiting for my payment. I called Paypal and they verified that it is a legit site. So I am hoping for the best. As I said last week, upon payment I WILL post a pic!

  • Richard Perkins

    The site is much faster today. I haven’t hit payout yet, was almost there when they changed to the 350, but I’m going to watch this post and see if anyone else gets paid before I start referring.

    I so hope someone gets paid soon with proof of payment in a screenshot.

  • Jen

    It’s getting close to your 14 day mark hoping you get paid! I’m close to $250 and want more people to join but waiting for proof 🙂

  • Melissa

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO …. curious. Is anyone having trouble logging in to CircumNews???
    I was auto logged in this whole time, then suddenly today I go to the site and I am logged out. I try to sign in and nothing. I click on “forgot password” enter my email and it tells me NO USER REGISTERED . Might be the first REAL sign I have had since the beginning that they are FULL OF IT.

    • dave

      i was auto logging as well. as late as 6am today i have been able to get in with no problems. now i cant get in no matter what i try. im betting this will be the same for everyone.

    • paola

      melissa yes that happening to me too i tought it was just me and i have forgetten the password but no i have the right info. i think they are full of it too

    • Kady

      Yes, I am having that issue too! I was really bummed when I thought it was just me. The thought of that money sitting in my account 🙁 Here’s to hoping it’s a glitch in the system…..o.O

    • Dennise

      Yes! I have been having this problem today as well! I was logged in and even read 5 articles and all of a sudden it logged me out and tells me my password is incorrect, when I tried the “forgot password”, it told me my email wasn’t registered. I hope this is just a site maintenance issue?

    • Amber

      I signed in this morning and did more articles no problem but triedgsigning again to see if I had the same problem as you and yes it did it to me to. I am staying positive though and hoping it may be just because there updating the system or something. I will try later.

    • Nikki

      I think they are updating their site with the information about the new payout limit. I tried logging in and so did my friend. I’m sure they want to update the site without having hundreds of people logged in. But I’m not sure.

    • Samantha

      I too am having the same problem. I know earlier in the day my referral went on and read her news articles and had not issues. This is so discouraging.

  • Pamela

    Yup samething here, I was on earlier today no problem, then went to log in & it says my account does not exsist, I sent them an email & signed up again got an auto response email “welcome” tried to go back & log in & can’t get site to even come up. Will wait and see what happens going to try again in a bit. I had $104. in the account. I will give benifit of the doubt & hope its just them working on the site to correct things, I also, told them I had several people signed up under me & I had no credit for any of them.

  • kimberly

    i have lost all faith in that website…it tells me im not registered then when i try to re register it says page is in russian and needs to be translated….i was hopeing it was legit but im pretty sure now its some kind of scam.

  • taylor

    I have been reading articles for over a week. With not having new articles everyday to read I am finally close to being to the amount needed for the pay out. Tried to log in today and the website won’t recognize my email. Says it isn’t registered. Hmm. Really?

    • taylor

      I should have added, when I first signed up the website said I had to reach $350 for a payout. It later states $100. Not sure why they made it easier, but who am I to question making it easier for me to make money. Ha. (If it’s really possible)

  • Melissa

    Ughhh ! Ok here is my Optimistic side again… hopefully since there is a lot of us it is happening to maybe it is a glitch. HERE IS MY SICK OF IT ALL PESSIMISTIC SIDE LOL : SCAMMERS shut us out cuz we were making bank !!!

    Honestly, I will miss the conversation with all of you the most! 🙂
    What else can we rant about haha

  • Joanna

    I signed up like 2 weeks ago, and today I tried to login but it says “email login/password incorrect”. I know and I’m sure of my login information, but still tried to click the button “Forgot Password”, and when I entered my email, it says it is not registered on the site. I’m kinda pissed. Worse, I couldn’t email for support cus upon registration, the email used to confirm my registration is a “noreply” email.

    • Nikki

      You can still send them email on their contact us page without being logged in, however i sent them one last night and this morning and they havent answered yet.

  • Melissa

    Dare I say Instant Rewards? Who uses it or has used it ?? Please do not leave your links, I am honestly curious… thoughts !

    Also I would love some follows on Google Plus! Plus this post and follow me, I will follow you back! 🙂

  • Nikki

    Just checked their site again. They are changing information on their about me, so I’m guessing the site is down for maintenance at the time.

    • Melissa

      I am thinking so, I also just looked at all my page view stats for the day and it looks like A LOT of people are googling the phrase “what is worng with circumnews today” haha. very specific.

  • Jana

    I use Instant Rewards and I love it!!! It’s free to start! Free to make money! And it actually pays! That’s what I do regularly!

    • Melissa

      I think I may need to jump on this band wagon to check it out. BUT no one I have asked will give me a straight answer as to what THEY do to make the money, not what Instant Rewards says you do, like specifically what are YOU doing to make your money. You know what I mean ? 🙂

      • rynnda

        Instant Rewards is a company where you get paid to get people to try out different trial offers from our client companies. Some are Fortune 500 companies and some are small start ups trying to get their names out there.
        Many times companies go to great lengths to get customers to try their products and one proven method is to offer potential customers free or low cost trials for their products or services.
        I know you have all heard the songs from the FREECREDITSCORE.COM commercial and might remember them when you have the need to look up your credit scores or reports. The same thing goes for Olive Garden and other restaurants when you receive coupons in the mail. The only difference is If you remembered and told your uncle , You wouldn’t get a commission for that, the marketing company would get paid for that. Instant Rewards is the marketing company.With Instant Rewards you make money for referring people to check out different offers from different sites, many of them free or a little cost to you. I personally have found some great sites and programs that I would have never found if it wasn’t for me taking a chance on Instant Rewards. they pay us through paypal daily into your paypal account when you sign up a referral. between $20-$90 per referral. it is very easy to do , just coping and pasting and help ppl sign up

        • Melissa

          I guess I just dont understand why there would me a cost to me. I do ALL kinds of marketing for companies LOL I get paid. I don’t pay a dime to promote, get people to sign up, buy etc.

  • kristin

    I logged in earlier today and read some new stories. Just tried to log Iin again to finish them and the same thing happened to me. Hmmm…

  • Darel

    I too am having the same issue with not being able to get in. I finally made it to $350 last night and cashed out. I thought it was just me. Now that I see others are having the same issue, lets hope that it is just a bug. I am still going on the this is too good to be true, so it probably is not line of thought though….

  • Robert

    Circum news is a scam
    It’s a scam my old navy buddy works for a goverment agency and he laughed at me you will never get paid ..They will change your password and tell you your username is not in there data base.

  • Nathan

    Well, would it not be funny if they just LOST the member database when they had to start making payouts. I also hit $100 on 11/7/2013 so if 2 weeks were the payout date, then I would received payment on 11/21. Maybe their database went offline, but is surely seems strange.

    Also they KNOW I have logged in from this IP even if they have NO record of my email address.

  • Stephanie

    After doing this for 12 days and earning 156.00 my account has suddenly been deleted and my email shows it is not registered with their site, but I cannot register again as it show duplicate for my IP. So I am leaning towards it is a scam!

  • Riema

    Circumnews is a total scam!!! I was trying to log in today but they won’t let me so I tried the forget the pw thing but it says that the email wasn’t registered I joined on the 7th.

  • Sarah

    I AM SO STAYING AWAY FROM CIRCUMNEWS BUT… AS SOMEONE SAID ABOVE… OPINION OUTPOST IS AWESOME!!!!!! I actually belong to a few others on the list Melissa posted and I make REALLY good extra money monthly. Try them out, it is better than waiting on this crapola from CN

  • Cindy

    I am having trouble logging in also. I just got home.. was gonna check stuff out and it has me logged out and when I click forgot password it says my email isnt associated with the account… soooooo here we sit 🙁 Hopefully its just a glitch and it’ll come back?

  • Victoria

    Instant Rewards, ZNZ One, Big Cash and all their other programs are a joke. Yes it’s legit and yes you get paid but OMG it’s a huge pain in the butt to cancel your trial offer. I was on the phone for over 30 minutes trying to cancel my trial. They bank on the hope that you will forget to cancel your trial.

    Not to mention, it’s so hard to convince people to give up their credit card info to create the trial. I personally was invited to a FB group by my upline. When I checked it out, I found it funny that the same 4 women were the only ones making the big money. Then I noticed they started joining all my FB groups that they weren’t already a member of. Next thing I know my leads are being stolen. It was a huge waste of my time.

    I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Taylor

    I did the same but i figured what they had done was erased everything off their servers so i figured their ip cetch would be screwed up to. So i tryed to create an additional account on my ip this shows at the top right under my address bar. (Table ‘cmc_partners’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired ) so i wouldnt freak out to hard as they still have records of the ips and no account can be created at this time for referrals so i genually believe their serers are down.

  • missjacq

    I think it’s funny how certain people are SO quick to assume that anything is a scam, and just sit here behind their computer screens awaiting the satisfaction of being able to say “I told you so,” when really, they don’t know any more than anyone else. To those people who say this is a scam – do you really know what you’re talking about? Where is your proof that this is a scam? All websites have hiccups, don’t they? Things go wrong, shit happens. Such is life. So that’s enough evidence right there to just quit and say “OMG IT’S A SCAM”??? I’m not saying I totally believe this site is “legit,” because that is still yet to be known, but I don’t see how we are going to benefit from just jumping to conclusions that are based on a lack of factual information.

    • Melissa

      Missjacq- If your comment is directed to me in regards to my comment yesterday about not being able to log in well then…

      1. I have given them the benefit of the doubt from day one which is certainly not assuming it is a scam, you obviously haven’t read all my comments
      2. When anything is being questioned obviously someone’s first reaction is going to be negative when something out of the ordinary happens, it is human nature
      3. Maybe these other people who ARE automatically assuming this is a scam have been burned before. It is understandable to be cautious.

      I think you assuming that they are sitting behind their computer “awaiting the satisfaction of being able to say ..I told you so” is just as bad as them assuming it is a scam. So what is the difference?

      Not a single negative comment regarding my readers ( including comments back to missjacq about her post) will be posted here so if that is all anyone has to comment, don’t waste your time. It will end up in spam.

  • Alice

    What is the scam? I mean we may have all wasted our time and got our hopes up, but what did whomever is behind ‘CircumNews’ get out of us? It seems like a pretty elaborate plot just to collect some email addresses. Any ideas?

    • Melissa

      I have never thought it was a scam to collect emails, More so as much as it would be to make AdSense money from the visits and clicks on the ads. Just as an example, the average money earned daily from someone with 5,000 page views is about $30-40 ( that is the low end ) from Adsense. To put perspective on that, this blog here received about that. So, you figure Circumnews has to be getting thousands upon thousands of page views daily, therefore making a decent amount a money just from ads. You would be surprised at how many sites go up that ARE this elaborate just to make money from ads. Google shuts them down and they are back at it with another site in no time.

  • Alyssa

    Can anyone tell me how much money they have been making using Opinion Outpost. I have tried Circum news and because of the issue that arose yesterday I have decided to try elsewhere. I just want to know on average how much a person will make and also when are you able to pay out?

  • Cindy

    I am actually trying to keep my hopes up. If you dont have hopes for something good, what do you have? I am hoping that with all of the activity that has been pushing through their server/s the past few weeks that their server just crashed and that they are working on it or expanding it. I am sure if they are a decent company or group they have all of our info backed up or else they would lose everyone working for them etc. I say give it a few days/week and hopefully it’ll be back up and running and maybe by then even more people from here would have gotten their money in that they are waiting on and that would help to convince of legitimacy. I agree.. what have we actually given up that is so bad besides time on our hands? We havnt been screwed out of money “technically” other then what we have “earned” and not cashed out. That doesnt mean at all that this is not legit.. it just means that if it is legit.. they have encountered a huge problem. As I have been saying from the start too, the site was VERY VERY slow and it would take me 2 hours to finished a few news articles. SO many errors and the crashing of the pages etc. That alone stands to show their servers werent capable of holding all of the traffic. I hope this works out for us all but there is definitely no reason for people to lose their heads over it.

  • MissJacq

    Melissa – my comments were not directed at you. The point I was trying to make is this:

    I don’t agree the best approach to anything you want to succeed with is to assume the worst is going to happen. If you do, you’re not going to succeed. And I don’t believe that just because things goes wrong, that it necessarily means we should pack our bags and give up.

    I’m just giving my opinion. I realize not everyone is going to agree.

    There have been a lot of doubters with negative comments out there about the site. All are based on opinion, not fact. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, but so many of us are ignorant right now. There hasn’t been much information provided about the site, it’s new, etc. So none of us really know for a FACT that the site has bad intentions. I know there may have been people who have had bad experiences in the past, but that shouldn’t give us the excuse to blow off every other opportunity and make claims that we don’t know are true. If everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change. It’s sad, that’s all. But really…I keep telling myself just because it rains today, doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine tomorrow. 😀

  • Lawlyet_w

    Yes, it is a SCAM. I was waiting 175 dollars from them.. waited the 14 days and nothing.. Today, when I tried to sign on the site, my account was removed. Tried the email recovery, but it said that my email wasnt on the system. It is a scam.

  • Pamela

    Just another thought, about the payments…. the $100. payout was for a special in October, it was raised back up to the $350. payout & people are requesting payments for less than the $350. I would think they would not get the payment until they reach $350.

  • Amanda

    Just wanted to let everyone know that even though I wasn’t able to log in for about 72 hours and kept getting the error messages that I wasn’t registered ……. I was able to log in today and everything is as it was before the error messages. Have a great day!

  • Sandra H

    I’m not sure if this is a scam or not. However, I just tried to login again and was able to do so, plus everything I had previously earned is back.

  • Angela

    Circumnews loaded for me this morning and everything is still the same in my account. Amount is still what it was. Do you think this means their database just crashed and they got it back up? Anyone get a payment yet? I keep my eye on this blog to see the news 😀

  • Alyssa

    Hey to just let everyone know Circum news is back up and working. I just logged on and it let me this time. The money that I had made is still in my account as well. I think their site was just down for two days.

  • Sandra H

    One more comment, the site says payouts may take up to 14 WORKING days. That’s just shy of 3 weeks, depending on holidays. Still looking forward to seeing someone actually post a screenshot of payment.

  • Darel

    Well the site is working again for me and all of my data seems to be in tact. Melissa, it looks like you are at around 14 days since you cashed out at first. Any luck getting paid yet? I cashed out on the 18th at $360. I will let you know if I see anything…

  • Victoria

    Well I tried logging into again today and it worked!! All my info is still there including my two cash outs. Fingers crossed.

  • Tyler

    I’ve been following the comments here for a few days now, and my account is back today on the site. So many that’s a good sign!

  • Tara

    I have been keeping an eye on this site and these comments and was really bummed to see the trouble people had logging in. I tried yesterday and I too was not able to access the site. HOWEVER I just tried again and was able to log back in! AND my balance is still what it was at before (still not enough to cash out though darn it!). Hopefully they were just working out some kinks or maybe, hoping beyond hope, actually paying people. I am still waiting on a screenshot from someone who actually got paid before I share the referral link so hopefully they start coming out of the woodwork here soon.

  • Jana

    Just to share. Today my log in issue was taken care of and I received 2 sets of ‘new’ news. Don’t know what that means though lol

  • Joanna

    CIRCUMNEWS is back. I tried logging today and I was able to enter, without any loss on my current account. Hope all works for you, too. :))

    Still, it doesn’t confirm that it’s legit, as no one has yet been approved on their pending payout. I still have at least $100 to earn before I can request for payout.

  • Rossenid

    I was unable to log in the the 19th, and 20th, and now today i was able to get back in and the amount i had collected has not changed, try logging in today, may have been an issue with their server.

  • Hillary

    Hey circumnews is back up and running and there is a rumor that someone has been paid. I am a member of a few groups on facebook that deal with CN. If anyone posts a screen shot I will let you guys know.

  • jon

    hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that the site was down. thats why it wasnt letting people sign in. i had the same problem but its fixed and back online now

  • Darel

    Okay, so I am still being optimistic on this everything seems to be working today. The site is faster and is having less time-outs. That is either because a bunch of people gave up or they possibly did some upgrades. If I am not paid with-in a few days of their Net 14 terms, then I will give up:)

  • Nate Madison

    Hello everyone,

    I see all of the comments about it being a scam and all and i will admit i was
    beginning to doubt circumnews as well but i gave them the benefit of the doubt until friday if i was unable to log in then i would go my marry way. but i am here to inform everyone that i just tried logging in again just now and the site is indeed back up and running, and if you still don’t believe try logging in now and see

    Thank you for reading and God bless you all

  • Melinda S.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am now able to log back in, none of the earnings have been lost and there are 10 articles posted again today to read. So maybe, just maybe it really was an internal issue and has now been resolved.

  • T.S.

    I was locked out of circumnews for the past 2 days and just tried again now and was able to get back in. There is also new articles today. Scam or not, I am not sure but I figure what the can’t hurt to try! 🙂

    Melissa it is now the 21st almost 22nd…have you been paid????? I hope 🙂

  • melissa m

    Im back in too yay! I soooo hope this is legit. I really could use the money right now. The thought of Christmas stresses me out at the moment. Just wish we could skip thru it. Oh please Circum News, dont let me down!!! lol

    • Cindy

      I am so feeling your pain! I have not done a whole lot of Christmas shopping yet due to lack of $$$. This would be a prayer answered for me. I hope and pray this is the thing I’ve been waiting on to save me from dept or at least so I can be “kind of” comfortable, even if it isnt the best of money.. it still helps. I guess at least by the time we know, I’ll have my $350 to cash out.. lol

    • Melissa

      No, but someone said it was business days. Honestly, I haven’t looked to see if it is business days or not… I will let everyone know though. Trust me, you will see screen shots haha

  • Cindy

    Just checking in to see how the possible payments might be coming along. So anxious. I’m at $180 now and I seem to be getting a set of articles a day.. actually had 2 sets yesterday but only had time to do 1 set.. Then I had a set today also. So many people are still so skeptical, I wish I could tell them that its legit and to participate with me but they refuse. UGH! SO frustrating 🙁

  • Cindy

    I have been all over the net tonight trying to find out some kind of proof somewhere! NOTHING! bleh! I did however read that it is indeed 14 business days, not just ‘days’. In which case.. it may not be until nearly Thanksgiving before any proof can even be posted and that is “IF” cash outs can be actually posted on or near a holiday?

  • Tyler - Y

    Just wanted to see where everybody was at! I’m at 202.74. I’m hoping the first, if any, to get paid posts a screen shot asap for all of us to see and be relieved! I’m constantly staying optimistic in hopes of that extra cash I know everybody could use right about now!

  • elizabeth

    So i reached the 350 threshold today as of the 14 day business work day I figure I cashed out today at 358.52 and not including holidays I should be paid by December 13th! Lets hope this works you all keep you all posted!!

  • Carina

    I was wondering how people were able to get enough to cash out so quickly. I only see 1 set of news articles a day, am I doing something wrong? Thanks

  • chris

    Hi, I registered the site last week . In the beginning I got news only 10 every 2 days, but since last Saturday I always get 5 news consistence !! and today instead of 2$ they pay $2.10 !!! I hope this is a legit site …finger cross !

  • Melissa

    Lol. So someone made a good point on another site: what if the funds are in Rubles??? $350 is like $10 US. Half the site is in Russian. Man I hope it’s not! I me waiting on $1700!!!

    • Melissa

      Wouldn’t it be listed differently than like $350 , rather say 350 rubles.. I dont know, you know what I mean? Who knows LOL Im over it at this point if it shows up it shows up. If not, whatevs ! 😉

  • Jose Done

    Interesting! I should have my payout this friday! I will tell you if they pay me. I will also uploud an image. And if is not enough prove, I will show you on a video call in skype(sharing my screen ).

  • Tyler - Y

    Melissa, can you post the screen shot please? We can still type in foreign characters into some really sophisticated translators. SOME proof is better than no proof at this point.

  • kj

    I have a screenshot that was just shared with me from the lady who helped me sign up. Its not mine but I’d like to share it. Its also not hers but she found it on a job site on fb. Idk how to post ot on here.

  • Pamela

    PROOF!! I am adding a link cuz I couldn’t copy a pic on here, hope you all can see it but someone from facebook posted the payment recieved at PayPal from circumnews!!

    • Melissa

      Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for the link, once we have someone look it over closer I will choose whether or not I share it. To be completely honest, I very easily see areas where the photo looks like it may have been doctored. I work with thousands of companies and bloggers, and this sort of thing happens all the time when companies ask for screen shots of our page views and etc. If you look closely the day “23” in the date and the “CircumNews Aff” is a different font and color than the rest of the text on the picture.

      If you have been following my comments, I am a pretty positive person that gives the benefit of the doubt and unfortunately I would put money on this photo being fake. People are doing this kind of thing to try and convince readers it is legit so they sign up and then they get the referrals. Thank you for sharing and if it is a real photo the poster has my full apology. I am just saying….

      Thank you for sharing , we will take a closer look.

  • elizabeth

    so i called paypal and they said its all on the company circumnews cause they said once they release the funds however much you get paid from them itll be available in paypal automatically…so my question is why are they needing to take so long? cause from paypal they said once the company does the transfer of funds from the company circumnews to our account to paypal well have the funds immediately.

    • Melissa

      Elizabeth, I assume it is probably because they need to make money to pay out money, so as with anything ( like a regular weekly job ) there is always a pay period. Know what I mean? Just my opinion

  • georgia

    Just signed up a few days ago, I enjoy reading but it would be nice to receive money for it,I’m almost up to 100.dollars,but just like everyone else not to sure if I will ever see any money, I tried to refer friends but it won’t let me wasn’t sure if anyone else had that same problem..but also was have getting more new news.

  • justin

    hello i have just cashed out today i was wondering if i am gonna get the money before xmas time did you get paid yet it has ben over 14 days

  • sherry

    I emailed PayPal myself. They verified that the company has a valid PayPal account. That’s all I could get. It made me feel a little better though.

  • Jamekka

    So I was just wondering has anyone received there payments yet? I haven’t reached the minimum payout of $350 yet. But I don’t want to continue if no one is getting paid. I also have a legit site its called the payout isn’t much but you can complete as many tasks as you want. I don’t get paid for referrals but I wanted to help some of you out.

  • Deanne

    I’ve been getting new articles daily now…so my amount is raising a little faster now, it shouldn’t take as long to reach the cash out amount so I’m REALLY hoping this is for real…I could definitely use the extra money!! Anyone get paid yet???

    • Melissa

      Actually, to be honest it is just now at 13 business days if you count the 2 holidays and we don’t know what they celebrate etc. Plus as far as I am concerned, I don’t expect to see payment right at the 14 business day mark. With the company being new and them making so many changes as they grow, I assume there will be delays until they are situated. #optimism LOL

  • Robert Reese


    How do you choose what you blog about? I have an opportunity that I would love to have you blog about. If you have a moment can we talk about it?

  • Cindy

    I’m still not at $350 but I will be in the next few days. I just read my articles for the day and I’m at $311.. so about 4 more days. Hopefully by then someone will say if they’ve got proof lol.. as a force of habit since I’ve been trying to keep tabs on legitimacy, I have been running a Malware scan after every session of articles and then once every couple of days I run a full system virus scan. If I notice my system running a little wonky.. I run virus and Malware scan right then. So I am taking every precaution. I think also, once I cash out, I’ll run my scans AND change my password again “just incase”. I will definitely let ya’ll know if I end up finding out if anything on the page is dangerous to a system. Until then… wishing all of you guys luck and hopefully this is a good thing for us all. 🙂 OH and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  • Melissa

    Sorry guys, I have had the flu and with Thanksgiving I haven’t been on much. Trust me, you will know when I get paid 😉
    I have seen some screen shots, but they seem doctored. Be back soon!

  • Mary Brock

    I’ve been reading the news for a couple of days now and a little concerned that I am “wasting” my time. I have also been reading the threads here and wondering if anyone here who have been expecting payout has received payment yet? I’m very curious to know. 🙂

        • Michelle

          Hi there! Was just wondering if you ever received payment. I just started the site yesterday. I’m a stay at home mom but I don’t want to waste my time if it’s not legit!

          • Melissa

            Nope not yet but just so everyone knows… I also haven’t had ANY issues at all. So all this talk of phishing, spam emails and etc. are most likely not from CircumNews. Like I was saying weeks ago, if this is a “Scam” then I would imagine that it would be just to get page views and earn Google Adsense money.

          • Melissa

            I hope that isn’t the case. I hate feeling like a sucker. You would think that after all this time if the company was not legit that it would have been shut down. And it seems that everyone with “proof” drops off the face of the earth!

          • Janice

            Any luck on that proof pic? I would really like to see one for this company so that I do not waste my time on something any longer. I am still optimistic at this point. I am really hoping this opportunity works. Have you gotten paid yet Melissa?

          • ryanne

            please do! you can always upload the screenshot to photobucket, and then copy/paste the link here so we can all see it 🙂

          • holly

            No suckers! I have seen a lot of crazy people bickering about this on other sites. So what. if it doesn’t pay, no hurt. We aren’t stupid or suckers, we tried. There are a lot of things too good to be true that actually worked in my life. some do, some don’t. If this really ISN’T true though, I still can’t figure out their purpose. they don’t get anything from us but a name and email, which is plastered on my business website and every business card I hand out. so…I still wait. I would’ve read all the news about my only heart throb Paul Walker anyway, so no time out of my day! 🙂 I still have a little bit of hope…hoping they just can’t keep up with the bombardment. And if that makes me a sucker…so be it! 🙂 thanks for this outlet, it’s nice to have us all hope together.

  • T.S.

    I am no longer hopeful about circumnews. No one has been paid, on other sites I see people who cashed out over 25 days ago still has not been paid. One girl posted that she did get paid and I asked her for proof and she said she would post a screen shot and never did. I am sure the people that are saying they were paid are only saying it to get referral money. It’s a shame too, I have $550 in my account right now but I will not cash out and put in my paypal info without proof. Still holding a tiny glimmer of hope but not really :/

    • Melissa

      Me too, I’m just kinda. eh. about it. Been focusing on my other accounts that make me money. Use the search on the site , Make money online, there is an article 🙂 THEY WORK lol

  • Ashley

    I cashed out $351.90 today so 14 business days should be around December 30th. I figure i’ll give it till the middle of January to say my final verdict lol. I’, already pretty sure it’s a scam but I figure whether it pays or not, it wasn’t much of my time wasted so it’s worth a try.

  • Cindy

    I cashed out a few days ago. I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore though until I see confirmation thought. Just not wanting to get my hopes up and still no viruses and what not, I’m still running my scans so at least thats ok. However I read on the news the other day that 2+mil or 20+mil (cant remember off hand) facebook and varies other types of accounts have been hacked and stolen from somewhere in the Ukraine. I don’t know if it has anything to do with anything that is going on with us or Circumnews but I just wanted to throw it out there for all to at least have a heads up “just in case”. “If” my cash out goes the way we would like, I “should” get paid somewhere around the 20th or just before Christmas. If that does happen, I’ll be sure to send Melissa a legit screen shot of my earnings. I won’t leave ya’ll hangin.

  • Melissa

    Hoping its not related but I just cleaned over 100 emails from my junk box from Delta & American Airlines. All print your eTicket and confirmation emails. I didn’t open any of the emails but they were likely phishing emails. Over 100 since Friday. Hoping that Circumnews people are not the 2 million who’s Facebook info was hacked.

      • Cindy

        I have quite a lot of spam but I had quite abit prior to this, so I wouldnt know if they are connected or not to be honest. I have all of my spam worked into the spam folder for quick deletion, I only ever go through it just to skim for actual emails that didn’t hit my inbox. The amount of spam doesnt seem to have increased at all from the normal amount that I get.

  • Nadine

    Well I cashed out at $355 on the 2nd and my boyfriends account is almost at $350. It took me almost a month to get the minimum which I only have 4 referrals and only one of them is active. So I still have a tiny glimmer of hope as I stated my friend told me she was paid. However I saw no proof, but I do not think she would lie to me. I have also been doing a lot of research about work at home jobs and I honestly am going to com mit myself to be an at home worker as my unemployment benefits are soon ending and I have yet to find a job based on my qualifications that pays decent. Also with this terrible winter weather, and the fact that I don’t want to end up having a stressful job consume my life like my last one, I want to be able to work independently and work on my terms. Melissa, I appreciate everything you have been sharing and look forward to finding out more. One question that I am not too sure on is what do you do regarding tax information. Some sites i have looked into will provide a 1099. But others, such as CashCrate, Opinion Outpost and others really don’t state much about that. At least not that I was able to find anything. Again thank you for all your advice and helpfulness!

    • AJ

      For tax purposes those sites will only 1099 you if you have made over a threshold with the site in a calendar year and I believe that threshold is $600. Most of the survey sites and such will automatically send you one if you make that but if you get worried just contact support in december to have them send you one.

      • Melissa

        Also most times if these companies pay via Paypal they will tell you they do not send a 1099 , that Paypal will send one. But Paypal only sends one once you have received something crazy like $10k. So when I claim this money I file it under “miscellaneous” or “additional” income on my Turbo Tax. It then has a space where you can describe what the money is from. 🙂

  • Melissa

    WOOOHOO Someone who commented on this post here GOT PAID and sent me a screen shot!!!!! It looks legit 😀 I am looking it over closely and waiting on an email for permission to share. I will let you know as soon as this person replies !
    HOPE !

  • Ryanne

    Any updates on the payout situation with Circumnews? I know you had mentioned one of the commenters had been paid. I cashed out on Dec 5th, so I’m in the waiting period now.

  • holly

    Well, I am wow’d by finding this forum chat! I have $368 pending a PayPal deposit, with Dec 24th being my 14th work day. My curiosity has been eating at me and my freaked out following who keep asking if I have been paid yet so they can join! 🙂 After all I have seen, read and experienced, it sounds to me that (this being brand new) is just going thru it’s typical growing pains. Too many people too fast joining for the server to keep up. They may need quite a geek squad to keep up with this. So I am in there with you all anxiously awaiting, knowing it’s probably legit with a few bumps to conquer still. But sounds like there are a few confirmations of pay on here, that’s more than I have heard of. :):)


    Hi Melissa,

    Have you heard from the commenter how long it took them to get paid? Also, were you able to verify payment? I have almost $1000 waiting and would love to cash out 🙂

  • Emmy

    I stopped using the site since I hadn’t seen anyone get paid, but now I’ll go back and just wait and see. I could cash out now, but I’m kind of scared to lol.

  • dave

    have you reviewed the screenshot of the payout that was sent to you? we havent heard anymore about that. i havent hit the cashout button yet because i want to see if ANYONE has actually been paid yet.

    • Melissa

      NO word from the person. I am assuming they wanted to stir the pot so to speak. I wonder if this company realizes that they have far surpassed the amount of money scammed to be considered a felony. I would love to see everyone who has used them and is owed money let them know there CAN be legal ramifications for this.

  • Melissa

    So I should probably ask you this: even though the person that shared their proof of payment but never responded with permission to share with the rest of us, do you still believe that screenshot to be legit?

    • Melissa

      I’m not sure exactly what “post” your referring to, but there are over 400 commments on this thread and over 300 in moderation. If something of yours wasn’t approved either I’m just too bust or it went to spam. I also addressed something else you posted here when you left a link to your own site or website. Perhaps the fact that you are trying to use my website for your own agenda is the reason your comment wasn’t approved.

  • Janice

    I was wondering if anyone got to see Sarah’s proof pic? Sarah is it your proof pic or someone else’s and how long did it take you to get paid? I have been following this site in hopes that someone will get paid. I am trying to stay optimistic about this. Has anyone gotten paid that has been on this site posting about circumnews?

  • Nadine

    I never want to wish anything bad onto anyone. But all I can say is I hope these people who keep getting our hopes up, saying they will post proof then fail to do so, know the meaning of karma…

  • Trenton

    Hey Melissa, just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been using your site to stay up to date with circum news. It has been very useful!

  • Nadine

    Well, at this point I think it is safe to say that CircumNews is a bust. I haven’t even wasted my time the last week or so to read articles. It is possible that in the beginning some people got paid, but as for the rest of us who have been waiting a month or longer, I don’t know if it will ever happen. I’m all for staying hopeful, but since I began keeping up with this post, I’ve tried out so many other sites, some of which Melissa shared, and I have indeed gotten paid. Obviously it should not take nearly two months to process a payment through PayPal. And I understand different sites will pay you out in the next month of earning your money or have it take 30 days to be credited. CircumNews claims 7-14 business days, and sadly that is not two months. Deep down inside I wish that they were just over-bombarded with the load of users and payouts they received, and will regroup in the coming months to get it all straightened out. I just have not read anything new on their site since the beginning of November. We should move on and keep doing legitimate online sites to make extra cash and maybe one day a site like this will come along again, but this time it better be legitimate!

  • Janetta

    Even though we’re all sure this is a bust, I’ve been watching this site hoping that something still happens. I’ve also still continued to read news still hoping that something more happens.

  • april

    Has anyone gotten paid yet???? im still waiting on mine today would be the 14th day. someone i know said she got paid but it was late.

    • Nadine

      Nope! I had cashed out twice back in early December. There’s still people waiting since the beginning of November. I wonder if they paid only a few people in the beginning just to get the ball rolling and then figured “screw it!” Who knows, but as much as we all want this to be a real thing, even legitimate sites where you earn cash online require much more work for far less money. I think one day if I go to my PayPal account and see over $700, I might have a heart attack!

  • Mary Danielle Chester

    I just wanted to let you know that I am filing a complaint with the IC3 as Melissa suggested in an earlier comment. I think it would really be helpful if everyone else who has cashed out but not gotten payment within 14 business days were to do the same. It would mean would get a lot more attention from the authorities…and who knows? Maybe they’d be forced to make all their outstanding payments before being closed down?

    • Ashley Harris

      I requested a payout on December 6, 2013 and just like everyone else, I got nothing. I took your advice and reported a complaint with the IC3 as well. Hopefully if we can get enough complaints they will shut this site down and save others from getting scammed.

  • Heidi

    I’ve checked out Circumnews and I don’t see how it can possibly be legitimate since there is no mention about giving you a 1099 if you earn $600.00 or more a year in the U.S.

    Legitimate sites will have information on their Website clearly explaining that if you earn $600.00 or more; I believe it’s $600.00 in the U.S. now, that you will receive a form 1099 showing your earnings for that tax year.

    This is a sure way of being able to tell whether a Website that is paying you is on the level. Always look at the terms of service and any other information that a paying Website provides to be certain that they are legitimate.

    • kevin ickman

      Heidi, I have also been giving circum news a try and I’m up to about 270. I am doubtful after reading these messages. Would you mind posting some legitimate cash paying sites that you’ve checked out?

  • Janetta

    So according to their site now on the front page when you log off, It says something about a special for the month of February.Still waiting for payment. I have 3 in process, could have 2 more.

  • Melissa

    People you need to stop already. It’s not going to happen. 14 “working days” have come and are long gone for everyone. Stop making money for this site. They are scam artists. What more proof do you need?

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