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Make Sure You Never Overlook These Aspects Of Your Health

We are always told to look after our bodies and our health, but we’re all prone to taking better care of some aspects than others. For example, we know how to avoid skin cancer – it’s all about SPF50 – or to quit smoking to avoid lung cancer, but we’re a bit more relaxed when it comes to our cholesterol, teeth, or mental health. It’s difficult to keep a handle on every aspect of your health, but it’s also important not to overlook crucial things which could turn into bigger problems.



With the stigma that surrounds mental health, even today, people are prone to neglecting it in themselves. But actually, one in five adults in the USA will suffer from some sort of mental health problem in any given year, so it’s crucial that we are able to identify the signs, and also know how to properly look after our mental wellbeing. When signs of anxiety or stress start to show, such as sleeplessness, irritability, a sense of dread, or heart palpitations, it’s time to take a step back and put your mental health and happiness first.



We all know we have to brush our teeth, right? But how many of us actually floss daily, and visit our dentist semi-regularly? The problem is, while teeth are in good health it’s all well and good to neglect them, but when problems start, it’s usually too late to do anything about. The crucial thing is to take care of your teeth from the start to avoid problems snowballing, with regular brushing, flossing, and antibacterial mouthwash, as well as a few home remedies for canker sores and the like.



It’s common knowledge that being unfit puts undue pressure on our hearts, but there’s far more to it than that. Cholesterol is a substance in your blood which makes up cell membranes, but when there is too much, it is a leading cause of coronary heart disease. It is thought that over 33% of adults in the USA have high cholesterol, putting them at risk of a heart attack. To avoid it, try to cut foods high in saturated fat from your diet, and make sure you see your doctor for a test.


Feet and back

Many of us have jobs which require us to sit at a desk or drive for long periods of time, which can put immense amounts of strain on our spine. Others have jobs on their feet, which also puts strain on their spine, but can also cause damage to the feet and legs. Basically, being in any single position for too long can be really damaging, so make sure you’re getting regular breaks to stretch, walk around, and take rests, or you could find yourself with long-term damage to your back or feet. If you’re worried about how your work could be affecting your health, be sure to speak to your boss about managing it.


It’s difficult to be aware of every aspect of our health at all times, but make sure some of these are in the back of your mind, as they can creep up out of nowhere.


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