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Monkey Hangup Hangers Review

Monkey Hangup Hangers Review

The product mentioned was received in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.

What we thought

I was really excited for the opportunity to review these hangers! My son is 4 and is really into helping me get chores around the house done, thankfully. I want to do everything in my power to encourage that! Laundry is especially easy for him because it is easy to move items from the laundry basket into his drawers and he knows where everything goes. However, some shirts and jackets are put in the closet because they’re too bulky (or I don’t want them to get wrinkled) and that’s a part that he couldn’t do on his own due to his height. These hangers are GENIUS and solve that problem with ease! I was nervous they’d be too low for him but they were perfect! He was able to grab the hanger and put the clothes on it with ease and LOVED that he was able to complete “Mommy’s part”. They slide across the closet bar with ease and they came in some really vibrant, fun colors. The hangers are small enough for kids clothes but big enough at the same time that we’ll get a lot of use out of them before we graduate to bigger hangers. I love that these help foster the habit of helping out around the house but I especially love that it helps to foster his independence as well as giving him privacy to get dressed on his own in the morning.

A major plus with these hangers is that they’d be perfect for maximizing space in a small and/or shared closet. I could see alternating them with a “standard” hanger and using the height difference to your advantage. I will definitely be adding some more of these awesome hangers to our collection!

If you’re on the fence with the concept you can head to their website and order a FREE sample! Yes- free! You’ll just cover shipping and you can try your own Monkey Hangup hanger before committing to a full order.

The perfect height for my little guy! For reference he’s roughly 42″ tall.

About the company

Monkey Hangup is part of TreeTop Products, LLC.  We are located in Louisville, Ohio and Monkey Hangup hangers are produced in Alliance, Ohio. We are proud that our hangers are made in the USA.  Our hangers are designed to help Parents and Children, and we believe we can look out for their future by supplying jobs right here in the USA! We strive to make a high-quality hanger.  We expect our hangers to take some abuse from kids, so we have chosen a special plastic that will flex and is also strong.  We hope they are passed down to younger siblings or friends.  By making a lasting hanger, we hope to help reduce the amount of waste produced by cheap plastic products that break and end up in a landfill. Our products also come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If for some reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us and we will supply you with information on where and how to return your hangers.

If you decide to stop monkeying around and get your own set, you can head to their website where all orders (except the free samples) receive FREE shipping! And don’t we all love free shipping??

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