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Moving to Greece – Tips on Real Estate in Greece

Moving to Greece – Tips on Real Estate in Greece


Greece is a beautiful country, with a relatively low cost of living and high quality of life index. A European country located at a strategic point at the southern tip of the continent, with the mild and warm Mediterranean climate prevailing all year round, creating a vast diversity of flora and fauna and making the country a prevalent choice for habitation. Also, the country’s hospitable and friendly inhabitants will make your move to this country smoother, as the multiculturalism that prevails mainly in its capital, Athens, is remarkable. Greece is an excellent choice for your movement and relocation, especially for residents of Europe, as the relocation process is quite feasible and does not require any special effort on your part.


But finding and buying a home is often a very tedious and stressful process, even in destinations like Greece. The key to a smooth and easy transaction is the right information and preparation. The buyer who knows what he wants has the best chance of finding the home he is looking for in a short time. We have created some tips to help you set your top priorities step by step through our experience. First, you need to determine the general characteristics that you want your future home to have in the country of Greece.


In what area do you want to live?

The key is to know the area where you would like your home to be located. It all depends on what exactly you have in mind about the place you will be living in. Others prefer the city’s centre and easy access to it and others want their home to be in a quiet suburb. So depending on your temperament and desires should be your choice in this part.


Do you have enough money to buy it there?

The next thing you need to ask yourself is how well you can financially support your choice. The sale price of a property is adjusted depending on the area where it is located. Do you have the money to look for opportunities in this area? Are there enough properties for sale for the money you want to spend? It would also be useful to calculate the annual property taxes that you will be required to pay in the future.


Do you want your property to be close to your work?

Another critical question is whether you would like your property to be close to your place of work. Many would answer yes, effortlessly calculating the time they spend daily commuting to and from work. But some people have no problem living farther away from work in order to secure other benefits such as a beautiful country house.


Do you want to have access to Public Transport?

An important condition for some is that their home is close to Athens Metro and bus stops, especially when they travel by public transport. Of course, this has its downsides. Neighbourhoods near Metro stations or famous streets have more vehicle traffic, less free parking spaces and definitely higher property sales prices.


Have you decided on your legal support when buying your property?

And one last equally important criterion is the appropriate choice of your legal advisor. During the process of buying a property, you should consult your lawyer, who will guide you throughout the formal and bureaucratic process of purchasing the property. A Greek lawyer who knows all the legal provisions, gathering for you all the necessary documents for the real estate purchase, will significantly facilitate the purchase process, making his presence essential throughout this process. Real estate investment companies in Greece will always available to support you throughout the process of obtaining the ideal property in Greece. So that your dreams for a better future find a home.


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