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Not Your Average Eco Warrior: How Green Living Is A 21st Century Thing

Non-verbal thinking is something that we humans do all the time. Because it’s non-verbal, we’re not even always aware we are doing it. This is where we get great things like instinct and anticipation, and also awful things such as prejudice and aggression. And we all do it, in good and bad ways, pretty much every day of our lives.


For instance, someone tells you that they are very “eco-aware” in an online conversation. You say – and part of you thinks – that this is awesome, because the planet needs looking after. But you also think, somewhere in there, that they’re a bit of a hippie. If a mental image forms in your head, it’s of dreadlocks, woven bracelets and the like. Probably a vegan.


Living green has become associated with “eco-warriors.” The kind of people who, we assume, grow herbs in their kitchen (and under their fingernails). Well-intentioned, for sure, but hair-brained. When it comes to cutting-edge thinking, they are well behind the pack. Right?


Don’t be so sure. There is an increasing element of green thinking and living that isn’t all about driving a 60s panel van that you’ve converted to run on fryer grease. Make way, if you will, for the rise of the 21st Century Hippie.


See, when people think of “green” lifestyles, they never think much of efficiency. They assume a well-meaning but ultimately shambolic way of life. Those shades are starting to come down now, though.


Housework: Greener Cleaning Is Cleaner Cleaning


If your home gets grimy, after a while, you decide to press the nuclear button and get it sorted once and for all. Bleach, sprays, kitchen towel, the whole nine yards. But a greener approach can be more efficient.

If you think you’re there ahead of me, yes, vinegar and baking soda are handy items to have. But they always have been. More recently, eco-friendly products like microfiber cloths have made cleaning more efficient. They’ve also removed the need for so many chemicals around the house, thanks to their advanced cleaning action.


Energy: Don’t Make More, Use Less


If you have the means to operate a turbine or another form of sustainable energy at your home, great. Go ahead and do so, it all helps. But not all of us can do this – more’s the pity.

The key, then, is to use less. That doesn’t mean that, outside of summer, you sit around at nights in the dark, reading by the light of a wind-up torch. What it can mean is using more energy-efficient appliances. Changing your light bulbs and picking the greenest white goods make for Evergreen Energy solutions for any home.


Transport: Greener Fuel Can Save The Planet


We all know that the more we drive, the worse it is for the planet. There is no getting around that, unfortunately. However, work continues on methods of fuelling our cars that will allow a much greener future.


The hydrogen fuel cell, which seemed promising for the early part of this decade, has fallen off somewhat. But the electric car, for so long a figure of fun for petrolheads, is really taking off in its place. There is no doubt; more work needs to be done – but greener driving is now a reality.


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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