Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 12 Perfect Breakfasts   Product Review Cafe 1

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 12 Perfect Breakfasts


Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 12 Perfect Breakfasts



My favorite feature of Nutrisystem is the breakfasts.   One of my biggest problems in the past was stopping and taking the time to eat breakfast.   First,  I absolutely have to have coffee in the morning and that always took priority over eating food.  Second, I hate milk.  I also hate the thought of milk with coffee, so eating cereal was out of the question.  Lastly, all of the breakfast items that I would eat with my coffee either took too long to prepare (pancakes, waffles)  or were no good for me at all (cinnamon buns, muffins, donuts).

The Nutrisystem program offers a great selection of cereals, oatmeal, bagels, muffins and so much more.  They also ship me frozen breakfasts which includes pancakes, french toast, omelets and breakfast burritos.   The pancakes and french toast are SO easy to make,  simply pop them in the microwave or toaster oven for a minute or two and you are good to go.   Under 200 calories for breakfast!

My favorite go- to is the Honey Wheat Bagel  ,  I was excited to find that this was an option.  I was not ready to give up bagels.  They have a yummy whole wheat flavor with a touch of honey that is brought out when toasted.    Only 170 calories and 4 grams of fiber!   I smother it with soft, light butter from a company that makes a heart healthy type, that adds about 30 calories.  Again, a 200 calorie breakfast!   They are made specially to provide the nutrition you need too, so do not be scared off by the low calories and think you are not eating enough.   This is plenty for me with my coffee and I feel full when I am done eating.

(It is a full, whole bagel, my picture only shows half)

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 12 Perfect Breakfasts

For those weekends when I like to cook the family Sunday breakfast ,  there is even options for me.    Nutrisystem offers a pancake mix AND a Maple breakfast patty.   There is my sausage and pancakes!    This is great because I do not feel deprived and I can eat what the family is having.  The pancake mix is the perfect amount for 2 small pancakes and is less than 200 calories with light or sugar free syrup.

Pictured below is the Harvest Nut Bar.  I included this because they are my favorite item from Nutrisystem yet.  A simple bar, so much flavor and I will literally cry when I no longer have these to eat.     The bar is packed with nuts and berries and tastes as though it was dipped in a peanut butter/honey syrup almost.   If you are a fan of granola bars, this will knock your socks off.  I personally LOVE bars because they are such a quick and easy snack (or meal depending on it’s nutritional value).   Grab and Go!



I had a conversation with a nurse at the hospital this weekend ( I had a mishap, no worries) and I felt so good after speaking with her.  We chatted about Nutrisystem and her struggles and why she has not joined the program yet.  Basically, she had some concerns about the cost since she would still also be buying the fresh foods and some other ingredients.  This is a valid concern, but if you stop and figure out what you get for food, support and reward, it is by far worth it.  I gave her this website address and told her to read through my posts and let her know that she can always email me with any questions.  She was so thankful and kept telling me how much I helped her.  It was so nice !    Good luck “Super nice nurse lady”  !!!

Weight Loss Record 

Week #1 Loss – 4lbs

Week#2 Loss- 2lbs

Week#3 Loss- 2lbs

Week#4 Loss- 1lb

Week#5 Loss- 2lbs

Week#6 Loss- 1lbs

Week#7 Loss- 0lbs

Week#8 Loss- 1lb

Week#9 Loss- 2lbs

Week#10 Loss- 1lb

Week#11 Loss- 4lbs!!!!!! I check the scale over and over again to be sure!

Week#12 Loss- 1lb

TOTAL :   21 lbs!

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