Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 14 Discouraged   Product Review Cafe

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 14 Discouraged


Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 14 Discouraged


I am not going to lie, this is not going to be a very positive post.  It may not be exactly what the good folks at Nutrisystem want to hear, but it is real and it is life.  It also is not their fault, it’s mine.

So,  I have hit that slump that a lot of people get into.  Up until now I have been pretty strong and doing things I never thought I would do.  Now can you say depressed????!!   I can !   I have had a horrible week and felt like complete crap.  I am absolutely so mad at myself and the universe for what has occurred over the last two weeks.

First,  just when I started to really step up my exercise (jogging outside for the first time EVER since high school softball)   I get sick.  Major cold.  Landed in the hospital, dehydrated, dizzy, sinus infection which decided to turn into bronchitis once it left my sinus area.    I did not post much about the cold in last week’s post because I was hoping it was just going to go away and I was ok with getting the rest I needed.  Now I am just over it !   I have no energy, I can not breath without coughing, there is no way I can get the exercise I need to and it has been long enough.   I am scared that the longer I am sick and do not have it in me to do anything, the easier it will be for me to give it all up.

On top of all that, I still have this mental block that is telling me “Yay you hit your goal of losing 20lbs, good for you, your done!”   NO.  I am not finished and even if I was done losing pounds I still want the exercise and to make healthier food choices.  I have had too many moments this week where I was presented with the opportunity to eat something that I “shouldn’t”  and have a Nutrisystem alternative instead and this is what my mind told me:

” Who cares, your never going to hit your total goal weight, something is always going to come up so do what makes you happy” 

I am so seriously ticked off and can not get out of my own head.  I do not understand how I can go from having so much success and feeling so great to being knocked down in the dirt for two weeks and ready to just forget it all.  I am so weak.   I’m at a loss right now and it sure as hell isn’t weight loss!

With that said,  I lost nothing and gained nothing this week.    I have never been a very positive person but the first 13 weeks on this program changed that.  Here I sit just as negative as ever over a cold and a little bit a failure.    Any suggestions???? I could really use them.  My time on the program is running out and I feel like I have barely started and have had  a major set back.   Sad face!!

 Weight Loss Record 
Week #1 Loss – 4lbs

Week#2 Loss- 2lbs

Week#3 Loss- 2lbs

Week#4 Loss- 1lb

Week#5 Loss- 2lbs

Week#6 Loss- 1lbs

Week#7 Loss- 0lbs

Week#8 Loss- 1lb

Week#9 Loss- 2lbs

Week#10 Loss- 1lb

Week#11 Loss- 4lbs!!!!!! I check the scale over and over again to be sure!

Week#12 Loss- 1lb

Week#13 Loss- 1lb

Week#14 Loss- 0

TOTAL :   22 lbs  

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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.


  1. jamie

    Oh my god I know exactly how you feel but don’t give up you will be so much more mad at yourself if you do, more so than you are now. You are being way too hard on yourself

  2. Chey

    Girl quit playin you have done awesome and don’t need to be so down. Get the peeps in your house to help you out that could work

  3. Rita VonCoupon

    Keep it positive! You CAN and WILL reach your goal weight. It won’t be easy but you’re tough and you’ll do it!

  4. amanda roach

    dont be discouraged. some times you will hit a stand still.. keep positive thoughts.

  5. jennifer zuna

    you are doing awesome….this is just a little bump…keep going you can do it!

  6. Julia

    It happene’s to everyone dieting, the highs, lows. and plateau’s…the worse thing you could do is give up. Forget the scale, remember how much better you have been feeling and looking, (except for getting sick) and keep on keeping up the good work, Your gaining muscle and muscle has weight, so no gain is awesome really!

  7. Melanie S.

    Just remember, it’s all in your head and you can do it. Everyone has moments of weakness, so don’t let them get you down!

  8. Theresa

    I think you just hit a plateau. We all do that at some point when losing weight. Don’t give up. Keep working at it and you’ll get there!

  9. renee

    You didn’t lose but you didn’t GAIN! Very big deal, actually! Don’t give up yet. Do an internet search and find some easy exercises you can do indoors while you are sick to get you on the right track again.

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