Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 7 #NSNation-  The Flu   Product Review Cafe 1

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 7 #NSNation- The Flu


Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 7 #NSNation-  The Flu 

What a rough week I had !    I did not feel well AT ALL all week , sad face !  I had a really hard time getting motivated,  I am such a baby when I am sick.  I did hardly anything at all,  I was in bed at 7pm, sleeping by 8 or 8:30 and most nights I wanted to just go in to bed and lay down at about 5pm!   It was horrible.   I tried to force myself to get up and outside this past weekend so we went for a walk which was nice, but I felt as though I had ran a marathon.

A few days ago my daughter showed me some Apps she found on her Kindle Fire that are different exercises so I have been doing those.  I love them!   Basically what it is are separate Apps that you can download for Abs, Legs, Cardio, Arms and Glutes.  They are fairly small free files and a very simple platform so do not worry about downloading all of them.   They are all formatted the same way,  you get to choose a 5 minute, 7.5 minute or 10 minute workout.  Then it goes through a series of different moves for a predetermined amount of time, there is no music but we use Pandora and let that run in the background while the exercise App is running.   I have been starting with the arms and legs as a warm up,  then doing the cardio, then the abs and glutes.  I am just starting these so I have been doing the 5 min of each but the 10 min cardio, this equals 30 mins.    It is quick, simple and  I like how easy it is.   I always hated working out to a “tape”  or show because I never knew how much longer until moving to the next thing, with this it counts down and you always know, this way you can push yourself to keep going, knowing that you only have a few more seconds to go.  It helps me a lot!

Even though I felt like complete ughhh the last few days, I forced myself to do these.  Last night was bad, I was exhausted and literally sat on our bed saying I don’t want to !   Hubby was like well don’t if you do not feel well take a break.  I have been feeling SO accomplished that I just could not bring myself to skip them, so I did it and felt GREAT!   I was so proud of myself!   I also passed out and went to bed for the night within an hour haha!    That is ok though, I got my 30 minutes in!

I have noticed that once I was educated on what exactly you have to do to burn a certain amount of calories, it has made it easier for me to stay away from foods I should not be eating.   For example..   to burn the calories from eating a 400 calorie meal you would need to Run a 6 minute mile (on average).   I am , in no way , running a 6 minute mile any time soon.  Keeping this in mind really helps me to stay away from the junk food.   Here is a great website for calculating your calories burned per activity,  it is just an estimate but it helps A LOT.      Calories Burned 

Ps.   If you find yourself sick and not wanting to do anything AT ALL like I was,  make sure you get your protein in!  I made myself keep drinking the Nutrisystem Protein Shakes even though it was totally not something I wanted and it helped me with my energy level. Also, Nutrisystem has a great variety of soups so I was all set!


Weight loss Record

Week #1 Loss – 4lbs

Week#2 Loss- 2lbs

Week#3 Loss- 2lbs

Week#4 Loss- 1lb

Week#5 Loss- 2lbs

Week#6 Loss- 1lbs

Week#7 Loss- 0lbs –  I stayed the same, I am not discouraged, working out and eating a high protein diet helps to turn fat into muscle which weighs more than fat, SO I will just hope that is what is happening.   🙂

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