Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 8 Protein Power  Product Review Cafe 1

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 8 Protein Power


Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 8 Protein Power


I am so excited to write this post because it has been an AMAZING week!  I literally do not even feel like myself anymore.  I can not believe how much a few weeks on Nutrisystem has,  honest to god,  changed everything about how I feel.   Ok, so I have mentioned before that I have always known the “right things” to do and not do when it comes to eating healthy and working out, I just never applied them to my own life…. Queen of drinking coffee ALL day long and then over eating at supper because I was starving and that type of thing.  I would try to make myself do the whole oh “eat 5 small meals a day”  yada yada,  eye roll! Not!  I was always way too busy for that, I needed coffee to keep me going and that is it.  WRONG!   So , so wrong.   What I needed was food.  Food to fuel my body, not coffee and being on Nutrisystem has made me realize that and the fact that I  DO have time to eat those 5 meals a day!

During the first few weeks on Nutrisystem of course I noticed that the portions are the proper size, the amount of calories and fat in each meal are low, the ingredients are healthier alternatives (example: vegetarian sausage, not beef and that sort).  Ok, but what I was not paying attention to was the protein.  I know very little about the benefits of protein. What I know is basically eating a high protein diet can help keep you feeling more full and give you the strength and energy you need to keep you going all day.  What I did not know, is how effective it actually is!   WOW. So I have been really good about sticking to this routine I have going which includes drinking the Nutrisystem shake daily around 10am (about 2 hours after breakfast and 2 hours before lunch).  This combined with the benefits from the other Nutrisystem meals have made me a super woman.  No lie…   here is the deal  :

I have never been a lazy person, my family and I are hikers, we do a lot outside and such.  However, one thing I have never been is someone who likes scheduled, bust my butt exercise. Like, on a machine or in a gym exercise.  I could not even stand to be on that treadmill for 5 minutes. My calves would burn, I could not breath, I was bored, just make it go away was my thoughts and feelings.   For the last few weeks I have been struggling to find things to do outside to get in some exercise and make the most of this Nutrisystem program.  It is hard because of course it is freezing, there is too much snow and everything is icy.   I finally decided to give in and do some regular scheduled exercise, ughhh whatever!!

I started out by using the videos from the Kindle Fire Apps I mentioned in this post WEEK 7  .  These are fine for toning and strength training, but not really for cardio and I was actually craving some activity, go figure!

I finally broke down and decided to buy an Elliptical Trainer.  I browsed Craigslist for days and finally found a really great deal on a decent one.  My husband and I went and picked it up and the whole entire time I was thinking to myself “this is going to end up sitting around being used for nothing more than a coat rack, why bother”.   We got back late the night we picked it up, so it was not until the next day that I used it.  This model adjusts from either a 12″ stride to 14 or 18,  cool.  (I was really thinking, Whatever).   I literally suffered and thought I was going to die just trying to use this thing for 15 minutes on the 14″ stride.   The next day, I used it again for 15 minutes  and while I did not like it, I did it and it was easier than he day before. Then something really strange happened …….   the 3rd day I was actually looking forward to using it and not only did I breeze through the 15 minutes, but I went 5 minutes longer!   Then yesterday I was on it for 25 minutes ont he 18″ inch stride and I wanted to go for longer, but I did not want to over do it.  I AM SUPER EXCITED !!!!!What is this ?????  WHO IS THIS???   I  even used it this morning before I started work,  THAT I swore would never happen!

The combination of losing a good few pounds and eating the appropriate diet (thanks to Nutrisystem being so PERFECT!) has turned me into super woman in a matter of weeks!   I am loving this.    If you have never tried an Elliptical before and you are like me and hate that type of structured exercise,  try it.  They are fun and the best part is that it provides a low impact cardio workout so it is easier on your joints.   I couldn’t be happier and I never would have done it without my Nutrisystem buddy!


I HAD to share this with you…    this is one of my fav’s .  Nutrisystem lunch menu item:   Onions, Red Peppers, Turkey Sausage all baked into a soft yummy bread.  These blow away a Hot Pocket!  Under 200 calories and SO GOOD!  Reminds me of a sausage and peppers sub that you would get at the fair.


Weight loss Record

Week #1 Loss – 4lbs

Week#2 Loss- 2lbs

Week#3 Loss- 2lbs

Week#4 Loss- 1lb

Week#5 Loss- 2lbs

Week#6 Loss- 1lbs

Week#7 Loss- 0lbs

Week#8 Loss- 1lb

Total to date – 13lbs !!

I have a short term goal of reaching 20lbs lost by week 16 AND that would also mean that I will weigh the least that I have in over 5 years!    YAY!!!!   I made the mistake of starting a new birth control, working at home AND quitting smoking years ago all at the same time and that together made me gain more than I wanted to and it is well past the time to lose it!!  I am beyond excited at this progress and the fact that I am actually doing it this time.   TEAR*   Just kidding, all smiles!!!!      🙂

Want to be healthy and lose weight the right way on Nutrisystem?

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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.


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