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Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 9 Burning Calories

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Nutrisystem Weight Loss Journey Week 9 Burning Calories



This week has been pretty amazing. I started focusing more on calories burned and not just calories taken in.  I did a little research and reading up and learned that in order to lose 1 US pound you need to burn 3,500 more calories than what you eat.  That is a lot!  If I was not on Nutrisystem I do not think I could do it.

The Nutrisystem program has my meals perfectly proportioned for the right amount of calories, fat, protein and fiber. Important things to watch when you are eating more healthy.  The best thing for me about being on the program is the fact that the meals are ready when I want to eat.  At most, I have to wait a minute or two for something to cook in the microwave.  There is no counting calories. Even though I may have a 220 calorie breakfast instead of a 150,  at the end of the day, the calorie intake is ALWAYS between 1,000-1,200 which is perfect.   All I have to pay attention to is eating breakfast, a.m snack, lunch, p.m. snack, dinner and dessert.   Simple.

So, now that I have that under control I started to work on calories burned.  Since I purchased the Elliptical machine I have been using it nightly for 20-30 minutes.  I also have an arm band that records everything I do , including sleeping.  It calculates my calories burned, caloric intake (once I log my food), activity level in minutes, steps and EVEN calories burned during sleep!   Each morning I plug the arm band into the computer and look at my numbers for the previous day.

Here is an example of what I see : 

(PS- I had not logged a few meals so that is why the calories consumed is so low I was actually at 1,100)




 After 7 days these were the results: 

Calories Burned  –  16,800

Calories Consumed- 7,100

Calorie Deficit (amount of calories burned over consumed)- 9,700

Physical Activity- 40 minute daily average

Steps Taken- 5,278 daily average

Sleep Duration- 7hrs 48 minutes

Here is where it gets interesting :   According to the information I read regarding losing 1 US pound ,  I burned 9,700 MORE calories than what I consumed,  therefore going by their calculations I burned enough calories to lose 2.77lbs in 7 days !!    Now, I am not seeing that on the scale, but I am sure there are variables.  I am just happy to know I am burning that many calories.   You so not have to take it all this far to lose weight with Nutrisystem, this is my choice and what I wanted to do.  You can and will lose weight without all of this extra, of course you will optimize your weight loss with physical activity.

Physical activity does not have to be actually scheduled aerobic exercise OR a gym membership.  That is one thing I noticed with this arm band.  First of all,  did you know that the average person burns about 50-90 calories PER hour while sleeping?  Yes!  My arm band shows that I am burning anywhere from 700-900 calories per 8hrs of sleep.  Easy peasy!

I am so excited to have this opportunity with Nutrisystem that I am bound and determined to make the most of it and have been striving to learn from everything I am experiencing so that I will continue to lose even after the program.

Weight loss Record

Week #1 Loss – 4lbs

Week#2 Loss- 2lbs

Week#3 Loss- 2lbs

Week#4 Loss- 1lb

Week#5 Loss- 2lbs

Week#6 Loss- 1lbs

Week#7 Loss- 0lbs

Week#8 Loss- 1lb

Week#9 Loss- 2lbs

TTD- 15lbs !!   I am well on my way to my goal of 20lbs lost by week 16! 


Want to be healthy and lose weight the right way on Nutrisystem?

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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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