Our DNA My Dog Experience


Our DNA My Dog Experience

We received the mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.


About DNA My Dog

Every dog has its own unique DNA. DNA My Dog provides you with a test kit and very simple instructions for swabbing the cheeks of your dog and collecting your dog’s DNA samples. The test is easy, painless and takes under a minute.

After we receive your sample, they are processed and run through DNA My Dog’s our extensive database of certified dog breeds. All DNA matches from the unique cheek cells of your dog are recorded and you get a perfect snapshot of every breed your dog has in his or her heritage. It’s that easy!

After we get your DNA results we divide them up for you based on DNA matching tests. We provide you with every level of every breed found in your dog.

DNA My Dog also provides you with a custom certificate with a photo of your dog stating their unique DNA composition. This one of a kind certificate is suitable for framing, and when you see it you will want to do just that! You get your results in less than 2 weeks.


What We Thought

Most people who follow our blog know that Tuesday’s are usually devoted to our pets on our Pet Review Tuesday feature. Today is jam packed with some really cool pet reviews but this has to be one of my all time favorites. For more dog product reviews, you can head over to *TreeHousePuppies* to see more.

Many who know us know that 2 years ago we found a little puppy for our son who was not quite 3 at the time. My husband was checking out a spot that he had been wanting to go fishing and these adorable little puppies came running around the corner of the property and immediately I fell in love. The next day we went back and he asked if the puppies were for sale. The extremely nice lady said they were free and that we were more than welcome to take our pick from the litter.

We brought him home and he was the best behaved puppy I had ever encountered, but there was a problem. We had no idea what he was. Many people immediately said he was a pit bull. Others speculated that he was a Mountain Feist mix based on another dog that was in the area. I wondered if he was some sort of hound. We saw his mother when we picked him up, but honestly she just looked like a tank on legs. We thought she was an American Bulldog mix. This speculation went on for years.

What I knew from day 1 is that we were going to let Jack name him and that he was absolutely attached from the minute they laid eyes on each other. His name was of course Buddy.

When we were offered a DNA My Dog test kit I was over the moon. The speculation would be over and we know know what type of dog Buddy is and also know to prepare in case he had any medical issues in the future based on common things that happen to some breeds.

For $68.99 you can get a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test just like we did! I was really impressed with how easy this kit was to use. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual testing, but guys this was simple! There were 2 swabs and 2 envelopes. We swabbed the inside of Buddy’s mouth for awhile and then used the 2nd swab to do the same thing. We let the swabs dry and then put them into the envelope and sealed it up. I placed that into the mailing envelope and put it straight into our mail box. In the meantime, I had pre-registered a code on the DNA My Dog website so that I could get my results.

Less than 2 weeks later I got the email I had been waiting for:

DNA My Dog Results


Who would have ever guess it? Boston Terrier, Boxer & Chow Chow.

My first question was obviously what do the levels mean, but DNA My Dog has an awesome FAQ section:

Why are several breeds listed on my Canine Breed Composition DNA Analysis Certificate, and what do the levels mean? In processing, breeds are detected as ranges rather than absolute values. These are then listed on your certificate as Levels, which are defined as follows: Level 1: Over 75% of the DNA found in your dog is from the breed listed. Level 2: Each breed listed represents between 37-74% of your dog’s DNA Level 3: Each breed listed represents between 20-36% of your dog’s DNA Level 4: Each breed listed represents between 10-19% of your dog’s DNA Level 5: Each breed listed represents less than 9% of your dog’s DNA.


So now our family’s biggest question has been laid to rest. While we were shocked, I am super excited to finally know more about Buddy and these results explain some of his behavior and give us ways to be able to help him to further help us.



Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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