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Our Son Gets “Two Wild” with Custom Ink

Our Son Gets “Two Wild” with Custom Ink

We received the mentioned t-shirts in exchange for an honest review from customink.com The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.


Our “baby” turned 2 on March 1st. Seriously I know that I ask this all of the time but where has the time gone and how did it go so fast?? The 2nd child seems to hit all of the milestones and everything at the speed of sound. He is trying to keep up with his older brother and I feel like we blinked and this 2nd birthday happened.

The theme for this party was “Willie is Two Wild” and the Facebook event page went wild with chatter among friends that it suited him. We really debated a West Virginia theme since we spend so much time there, but buffalo plaid is just Willie’s thing. He looks adorable in it and it really suits him. The wild part is kinda two-fold for us. He is our wild child and is so carefree. He is my free spirit. We combined the buffalo plaid with woodland animals for a party that was too cute for words.

In comes Custom Ink who made the process of having custom t-shirts designed for this unique party one of the easiest things I have ever done. I chatted with one of their representatives and before I knew it there was a proof in my e-mail for approval. I literally had to do nothing but provide t-shirt sizes for the guests who needed them.

The shirts arrived really fast and gave me time to give them to guests prior to the party date. All of the sizes were true and fit everyone perfectly.


On the eve of the party I found myself in the local grocery store after scanning Pinterest looking for ideas for a buffalo plaid party and coming across a type of charcuterie board that I knew would take some work, but would be perfect. It consisted of the makings of slider sandwiches and I had already planned to do cheese and crackers, vegetables and chips with dip and also a fruit tray.

We kept the foods simple mostly because the party was at 2 PM and I knew most everyone would have already had lunch. I incorporated a biscuit board that belonged to my great grandmother and I knew that she must have made thousands of biscuits on it. The wear of this board just showed how much it had been used but it is one of my treasured possessions.


The cupcakes in their buffalo plaid wrappers (thanks Amazon!!) were courtesy of Duncan Hines and a buttercream frosting recipe that I discovered while cleaning out some things here. My husband’s grandmother was a cake decorator and this was a hidden gem that I had just not attempted in the past. I absolutely loved making the frosting even though I hit a little hiccup in the process and had to send my poor husband to the store for the 2nd time that day.


Now back to those adorable t-shirts

Dressing this guy for his party made me teary eyed. I couldn’t believe that the time was here and I was adding a shirt that literally confirmed he was 2 years old. This Mama heart could hardly take it.

Patrick and I dressed the part and loved that these shirts were so comfortable! I didn’t feel restricted in mine at all and *shocker* I even got Patrick to pose for a selfie in our kitchen while everyone was fixing a plate of food.


The cake was just what Willie needed to  stay awake long enough to open his presents and continue playing with his guests. We all needed a nap, but I could tell he really just wanted to go to bed.


After a long day I felt accomplished. We had an amazing theme party thanks in part to Custom Ink and their amazing t-shirts. The guests who got one now have a keepsake from Willie’s special day and we even made them all take home s’mores kits in buffalo plaid bags.

I have since washed Willie’s shirt and put it with his other special clothes that I refuse to part with just as I have done with Jack’s. This party was not only fun to plan but so memorable and I am thankful we have the keepsakes to be small reminders as well as all of the photos.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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