Party Planning Made Easy with SimplyCodes

Party Planning Made Easy with SimplyCodes

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Usually I am WAY more prepared for my kids birthday parties. We honestly got behind this year. A corneal abrasion for the oldest from a play injury, Valentine’s Day (the longest day of the year for a home baker) and then norovirus. Literally all of this in 10 days time.

Our youngest is usually the one who has his ideas planned out. This year he started by saying he didn’t want a party. Then it turned into an Avengers party. We then panned to a cowboy theme which is right up my alley. I had everything bought, paid for and invitations sent to his special guests. He then says “I want a pinata” to which my eyes grew double in size. Where was I going to find a cowboy/western theme pinata? What would I put in it? Would it even be here in time? The questions seemed to outweigh everything and then I thought “ok you have SimplyCodes and Google” so off I went.

What is SimplyCodes? Its a browser extension that helps me save money with verified coupon codes. Its super easy, free and isn’t one of those annoying extensions that bugs the life out of you whenever you log in. I love that the codes are verified which saves me time from looking everywhere.

Operation Find a Cowboy Pinata

Party City popped up with a 15% off code immediately upon landing on their site. I typed in Cowboy Party in the search portion and lo and behold a cowboy boot pinata. Y’all this came as a kit! It has candy, the stick and mask as well. I was able to stay in budget and shipping time is within our range, too.


We have all of the bells and whistles to make the perfect cowboy party for our perfect 6 year old. We will celebrate his love of all things cowboy and farming with a big chili lunch complete with cake and ice cream for dessert. And best of all he will have that pinata!

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