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The Party Season Is Right Round There Corner- Here’s How To Look Your Best!

The festive season is a time for seeing friends and family, and chances are you have a number of Christmas parties already penciled into your diary for this December. Often you’ll be seeing people you don’t get to see all that often during the year, so it’s only natural that you want to make a good impression and look your best. Here’s how you can go about it.

Choose an Outfit

You clothing choices should flatter your figure and make you feel great. Regardless of your size or shape, look for items that work best for you. For example, hourglass-shaped figures look fantastic in dresses that nip in at the waist, and apple shaped figures will suit an empire silhouette. If you have a piece in your closet that you plan on wearing, be sure to try it on in advance of the party. If you’ve gained or lost even a little weight, a once nicely fitting piece might look baggy or revealing. Not a good look! Don’t forget shoes and accessories too. Heels will elongate and make your legs look slimmer, but go with a height you can comfortably stand and walk in.


Have Your Teeth Whitened

A gorgeous set of pearly whites is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. Modern cosmetic dentistry is excellent- ‘in chair’ whitening for example can lift your teeth up to six shades in just an hour. Home whitening treatments can brighten your smile in two weeks. The perfect way to look stunning for the party season.

Tone Up

None of us want to think about losing weight over the Christmas period, after all- it’s a season for indulgence! But sticking to an exercise routine is good for general health and will also help you to look great in whatever you wear. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, you could buy an exercise DVD and workout at home whenever you get the chance. You could go on long walks around your neighborhood with your family or dog. Pretty soon all of the houses will be adorned with festive lights so it will be even more enjoyable! Doing some exercise means guilt free Christmas snacking too which is never a bad thing.

Experiment With Makeup

Christmas is a time where you can really have fun with makeup. Try out some sparkling eyeshadow looks, smokey eyes and dark lips. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube you can follow along to, and you don’t need expensive makeup to be able to do so. High street stores, even Dollar stores have fantastic palettes that perform really well. It’s a great way to glam up and feel extra special, particularly if you don’t wear much makeup in your day to day life.


Change Your Hairstyle

Finally, a gorgeous hairstyle will finish off the look. Adding voluminous curls always looks very glamorous and is a quick way to transform your appearance. You could use heated rollers or a curling wand- again Youtube has lots of tutorials if you’re not sure. Alternatively, you could have your hair cut and colored on the day of the party. Then have it styled too while you’re still in the chair.

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