Pet Dad by Elanna Allen

Pet Dad by Elanna Allen

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About Pet Dad by Elanna Allen

Plum wants the perfect pet, but instead realizes she has the perfect dad in this charming and hilarious picture book that’s great for father’s day.

Plum wants a pet. Plum’s dad wants NO pets. So Plum, who never takes no for an answer, gets the only pet she can: a pet dad. Dad is a great pet–he loves playtime, tummy rubs, and scratches behind the ears. But every time Plum tries to get him to sit, or fetch, or chase, dad barks NO. Plum doesn’t take no for an answer. How will she train her perfect pet (without getting a time-out)?

Hilariously relatable and with ultra-cute art, Pet Dad is perfect for kids who love or want pets–or who already have the perfect parents to make up for it.


What We Thought

Jack and I have been thinking up the perfect low-key Father’s Day gifts for Daddy this year. At 15 months old Willie just goes with whatever we decide.

Pet Dad by Elanna Allen arrived a few days ago and along with it came with a great book mark that had a recipe on the back for Pet Dad Treats. This sounded like the perfect thing to make Patrick for Father’s Day since lets face it he has become the best “pet” that our boys could EVER ask for.

We have a house full of real pets, so the idea of adding another is usually as Plum’s Dad said “heck no” but often we cave and add another pet to our zoo. I love that this book is great for a lesson while having amazing art. We literally laughed out loud at the words and Jack loved the pictures, too.

Plum thought that the idea of having a Dad for a pet was great, but what she really learned in the end is that her Dad was already perfect and that if she did the right things she could get rewards. Plum learned lessons that there are things you shouldn’t do and will get a time-out for and in our house the same rings true.

If you are looking for a great read this upcoming Father’s Day with your kiddos then definitely check out Pet Dad by Elanna Allen. We loved this and will be making our own Pet Dad Treats this weekend to celebrate the fact that we have the best Pet Dad anyone could ask for.


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