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Petlinks Pet Products


Petlinks Pet Products

I received the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.


About Petlinks

The Petlinks brand includes a wide variety of pet products specifically designed to meet the needs of your cat or dog.

What We Thought

Spoiling our pets is something I have always taken pride in. We had pets well before we had kids and they were and still are our babies. Today I am featuring 3 amazing products from Petlinks that made our pets feel extra special, but also made us feel great as pet parents to be able to treat them to.

The Petlinks Sky Scratch was super easy to put together and our cats were immediately intrigued. We had been wanting to get something to interest the kittens since they are young and wanting to scratch everything in sight while our older cats are just happier to lay around and sun themselves. This was put together in minutes and took very little effort. Within an hour the kittens were inspecting this great scratch post and in no time they were scratching. I love that this isn’t too tall, but also not too short and we can tuck it into any corner and they still get enjoyment from scratching. They LOVE the toy at the top as well. $20.99 at petco at the time of this post, this is a steal! Would your cat want to find this under the Christmas tree this year? I bet they would!

Next up is the Petlinks Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Bed which is on Chewy.com for $66.42 (FREE one-day shipping on this item!!) and let me tell you, Buddy absolutely feels pampered in this one. He lays in his bed for hours and snoozes away after long afternoons of keeping up with the boys and protecting our home. This bed is SO soft that I want to climb into it myself for an afternoon nap. I have washed this bed once, and it is currently in our machine right now for another washing. We have had rainy spells here and nothing screams out like the smell of wet dog, so I toss this right into the washer and a clean bed will await our guy tonight..

Let your pal lounge, nap or snooze in cool comfort with the Petlinks Soothing Escape Gel Memory Foam Dog & Cat Bed. This premium nest-style bed is built with advanced, eco-sourced memory foam that conforms to your pet’s body contours to support joints and relieve pressure points, and has gel beads that keep your pal cool throughout the night. Since it gently supports and distributes your furry one’s weight evenly, it helps soothe aches, sore muscles and joint discomfort. The corduroy-lined bolster sides makes the bed look as cozy as it feels. Plus, keeping it clean is super easy thanks to the removable zippered cover that’s machine-washable.



Last but certainly not least is the Knead & Seek 4-in-1 mat which is another great high quality product. We did not utilize the catnip that was included but this great little mat has given our kittens a place to rest but also a place to play. I have found the little ones inside the flaps sound asleep but have also found them playing until their hearts are content with this. They love to drag it under our bed and play since the bed is a bit tall and this literally lays flat on the floor. Priced at $14.99 on petco this is a must have especially for those who have limited space and may not have an area for a scratching post or even a cat tower.

Offers cats a scratch able jute surface, a plush kneading spot & a cozy hideout to rest. Combines 3 textures for kneading, scratching and rustling

4-in-1 Knead, scratch, play and rest mat

3 satisfying textures

Hide and seek covers with attached tassel toy

Organic catnip included


So there you have it, amazing products from Petlinks that will delight any pet or pet owner. Does Santa bring your pets gifts? Make sure to check out our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for ideas for your own fur babies and for others on your gift list as well.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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