Photography Success Tips from Wildlife Photographer David Yarrow

Photography Success Tips from Wildlife Photographer David Yarrow

The London-based photographer, David Yarrow, creates stunning wildlife photos. Many of them are shot from a peculiar viewpoint. In his recent book, “Wild Encounters”, you will find several portraits of rhino, lions, and elephants taken from ground level. 

But how does he capture wildlife from those unique positions that place him ahead of the competition? In this article, we will share some tips from David Yarrow Photography that has made his business successful. 

1. Pursue Excellence

To be successful, you have to discipline yourself and constantly commit to purse excellence. David affirms that he sacrifices comfort, sleep, and sometimes, safety for quality content. He does this with ease because he has a focus – to capture an image that you may never find after that moment. And to be privy to such moments is a big honor which photographers ought to respect. So, do not settle for average or you will remain below the competition.

2. Know Your Customers

We exist in an era of excess content where more photos are captured in one week compared to any other time in the history of photography. Today, everyone has a franchise; you simply need a camera phone. 

For instance, the Apple iPhone advert displays pictures from its users. As a result, the prices of stock photos are falling. Not many people can earn income from selling stock wildlife images. This is unfortunate because there are people who deserve to.

Since a huge supply is competing against a static demand, there will be challenges. So, if you intend to sell stock photos, be wary of places where photographers are nearby. There is no way you will capture an image and they won’t capture it too.

It is true that equipment and talent provides an unequal playing field. However, you have to think smart. Do people really want to see a different angle of the East Africans crossing a river when migrating? If you aim at building a portfolio for a show or a book, you could occasionally visit well-established destinations. You have to remember to be different; do not settle for generic results.

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3. Make Quality Investments

Imagine a photographer flying club class from a long distance, lodging in a classy hotel, and showing admirable panache. Yet, when it is time to get down to business, they bring out a piece of equipment that is below the best. This is nothing but pure folly.

When you are working with a tight budget and you need to save money, it will be better to fly economy and possess the best of Nikon’s gears. If you plan to become the best photographer, don’t compromise on the quality of your equipment. 

4. Get Information from the Internet

Before you visit any location, ensure you spend time exploring all aspects of the trip. You can check out daylight hours, logistics, and the works of other photographers. According to David, before visiting South Sudan, he made lots of research on the area. He also examined different pictures on the internet that were captured there. 

From the research, he discovered that most photos were shot from a very low angle and could not be scaled to a reasonable extent. This is due to the fact that the bank of the River Nile has flat topography. So, he went to South Sudan with a ladder and the photo he captioned Mankind earned him a huge amount of money and fame.

Do not visit a location and do the same thing that every other photographer has been doing. Get information from the internet for free and use it to boost your business. 

5. Take Fewer Photos

When David visited Africa, he took only 11 pictures. Imagine traveling all the way from Europe for that number of shots. It may sound ridiculous, but those pictures are making waves in the industry. So, do not use your camera like a toy. It is a piece of equipment that should be used when necessary. You also have to know that less is more. The world is tired of getting pulp, so give it new materials.

You may want to watch this video to get more tips from David Yarrow.

Final Thoughts

To break even in photography, you need quality photos, not quantity. The tips we shared from David’s success will provide a pathway for others to succeed in the field.

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