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Picture Perfect: The Importance Of Art In The Home

Off the top of your head, what is the definition of a home? If it’s anything like the definition of Linda Bennett at Architizer, you’re right.


“Our homes represent more than our financial assets; they have a deep and unique emotional meaning. Our earliest memories of home are often connected to our childhood. For better or worse, they also represent the success of our parents: our homes are an outward expression of our family wealth, providing comfort, safety and a sense of community. But as much as we define them, our homes also define us. For our ancestors, home was no more than a small fire and something to protect us from the elements of wind and rain. Somewhere between then and now, the notion of home has become far more interpretational and embedded in the human consciousness.

As we began to advance in agriculture, we nested and became less nomadic. Yet what exactly is the meaning of home? The meaning of home is complex, interpretational and unique. It is also subject to our aspirations, beliefs and historical experiences. Whatever it is, the meaning of home is a way of organizing and understanding the space within ourselves and the way the world is constructed around us.”


The meaning of home is unique to us, but so many houses and buildings are constructed similarly and thus look the same. It is then, where we look within for meaning. What we do to the interior of a home is where the meaning is made. That’s why art is so important.

Art really could be anything. As long as it stirs memories or emotions within us, it’s art! If you’re asking ‘what is art?’ then MentalFloss have 27 responses to that question! Usually, it’s a depiction of skill or creativity. The piece might not depict that sometimes, but is the result of skill and creativity.


Art can scare us sometimes as there are those who belong to select clubs that view art with huge importance and it may feel as though you are an outsider to that group. It matters not – the gallery in this instance is your humble home!


Display pieces that bring emotions out of you. These could be anything from framed prints of famous pieces right through to photographs of you and your family. Remember, anything that inspires meaning to your household counts


Just because you’ve placed some fancy pictures up doesn’t mean you can neglect your household, though! Take pride in your home and ensure the meaning you have installed via artwork is presented well and the room it is displayed within is pristine and crystal clear!


There’s a lot you can do for a home, but art, in whatever form you define it as, has a key place in your household. It will turn your house into a home and make the rooms reflect the personality of you and your family. Art is an underrated weapon in the fight to make your home reflect you!


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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