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Pique Tea Review

Pique Tea

Pique Tea Review

I received the following products from Pique Tea in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this post are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About Pique Tea:

Pique Tea was founded by Simon Cheng, a tea loving entrepreneur, with deep appreciation for ancient health traditions and the passion to innovate. Drinking tea was a fundamental part of Simon’s daily life and health regimen when he was growing up in Hong Kong.

During Simon’s travels to tea producing regions, he discovered a 1,300 year old tradition called Cha Gao, lost to all but Himalayan villages and ancient records. Cha Gao was used to extract the powerful medical properties of tea into a dissolvable tea paste. So inspired by the incredible health benefits of Cha Gao, Simon spent years in collaboration with leading tea farmers and tea masters to integrate ancient tradition with modern science and create Pique Tea Crystals.

Pique Tea

What We Thought: 

I received four different flavors of tea from Pique Tea to review: English Breakfast, Jasmine, Earl Grey, and Mint Sencha Green Tea. Each came in a convenient individual serving packet, ready to use.  Making the tea couldn’t be simpler-open the packet, empty the crystal powder into your mug, add hot water, and stir.  No messy teabag dripping everywhere!  Each flavor is very true to life.  My favorites were the Jasmine and the English Breakfast.  The Jasmine tea smells just like fresh jasmine flowers and has a very delicate, floral taste.  The English Breakfast tea is a strong, bracing tea, great for an early morning pick-me-up.  Unlike many English Breakfast teas, this one does not have the very strong aftertaste of tannin.  If you love tea as much as I do, give Pique Tea a try!  It’s perfect to take on the go anywhere-travel, work, etc.  To make it even easier, they offer a Tea Plan that automatically ships out tea every month to you!

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