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Pirate Pong Review

Pirate Pong Review

The product mentioned was received in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.

What We Thought

Having just gotten off a cruise that had a pirate themed night, my son is now VERY into pirates. I knew as soon as I received this that my little pirate would LOVE playing this. He begged and begged to play it and we have played it everyday since opening it. What a fun game! We set it up on our smaller kitchen table and it didn’t work that well, so I definitely recommend a bigger table with more room to move (this just forced me to get the laundry off of our dining room table ha!). Assembly was SUPER easy and took no time! The pieces are sturdy, the paddles are a good, thick plastic and the “net” stays upright very easily. It’s pretty self explanatory as far as game play and it’s so much fun!

The net pieces just slide together like a puzzle and then fit into holders that keep it upright on the table.

My adorable little pirate! I LOVE that the game comes with pirate eye patches- it adds to the super fun theme. However, they’re not required and the game is just as fun whether you’re wearing them or not!

About the company

Cortex Toys is a toy and game company with the primary goal of making people say “why didn’t I think of that?”. We like to dream, doodle, and tinker in order to bring interesting products to market. As the name implies, we try to use our brains. We also like to create networks of inventors, manufacturers, distributors, and sales people to bring back-of-the-napkin to life! Toys are fun, why not have fun making them?

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