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The Pre-Holidays Clear Out: All You Need To Know

Not to wish the days away, but being over halfway through October can only mean one thing; the holidays are on their way! With them brings a lot of fun, festivities, good food, and plenty of gifts. But the latter can always be a little controversial. Do you need all of the gifts that you’ve been given, and do you even have room for all of them anyway? So now, with the weeks counting down, you can start to have a bit of a clearout and a declutter. Have you ever done one before?


It will help you to know what you have, in order to get the best gifts for people. If you’re not sure what your kids even have anymore, then clearing out the toybox is a good way to find out. If things are missing, broken, or just aren’t played with anymore, then it is time to clear them out. But most of all, having a clear out will help you to feel in control of your home and what is in it. You’ve got time to find some cute home storage solutions for all of your accessories and trinkets, and you’ll know what space you have for gifts that might come your way. An added bonus is that you might know just what to ask for when it comes to gifts for the holidays. You can generate extra cash by selling the decent things that you no longer need; the list is endless! There are plenty of reasons to declutter. But where do you start?


If you have children, then task number one is to sort the children’s bedrooms and their toys. Much of the gift-giving at this time of year revolves around children and all that they need. But they do receive a lot of things. From extended family gifts to stocking stuffers and gadgets, there are a lot of new things coming in and around the house. So check the toy box for things that no longer work. Check the toy box for age appropriate toys. Put things that you might make use of again somewhere completely different, or simply look to sell the items that you have if you won’t be making use of them again.


Next comes the children’s wardrobes. The chances are that there are plenty of items in there that no longer fit. Store them away if you think you’ll need them for later children or for family. Then sell or give away any of the other ones that they no longer fit or wear.

The next two major rooms are going to be your bedroom and the kitchen. They are the places that can accumulate a lot of stuff. You could clear out your drawers and wardrobe, as well as bookshelves and other places for things in the bedroom. The kitchen can also gather a lot of things that are no longer any good or are just junk. So be ruthless; if you haven’t used that slow cooker in years, then what are the chances of needing it anymore? Having a clear out is a great way to start the holidays, as well as give you a clean slate to start this time of year with.

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